Weighing 237kg, he is world's heaviest teen to undergo surgery

Shalini Ojha

Weighing 237kg, he is world

03 Jul 2018: Weighing 237kg, he is world's heaviest teen to undergo surgery

When Mihir Jain was born he weighed 2.5 kg, just like any normal kid. Eventually, he started gaining weight, weighed 60-70kg when he turned 5, and when he reached 14, his weight shot up to 237kg.

Obese Mihir, who doctors said was one of the world's heaviest teen, couldn't walk.

But thanks to a successful gastric bypass surgery, Mihir got a new lease on life.

The beginning: Parents ignored the problem since everyone in family was overweight

Mihir's first signs of obesity were ignored, his mother Puja said. They thought it was fine as everyone in the family was overweight.

However, it got alarming when Mihir couldn't walk. He dropped out of school after Class 2 and his mother home-schooled him.

Sensing something needed to be done, his parents first sought medical help in 2010, but his tender age prohibited a surgery.

The diet: Mihir, a vegetarian, was addicted to fried food and fizzy-drinks

As the years passed, Puja said Mihir used to keep gaining weight. Since he belonged to a vegetarian family, his diet consisted of fried potato and vegetable cutlets, rice and vegetable curry, ice cream and fizzy drinks.

Though Puja agreed his addiction to fried food was the reason behind weight gain, the medication he was put on worsened the situation further, she claimed.

The hope: Finally, Mihir made it to the hospital in December 2017

In December 2017, Mihir finally made it to the Max hospital in Saket. His body mass index (BMI) was 92 kg/m2, normal value is 22.5. At 32.5, the person is declared obese and over 60 is considered 'super-super' obese.

The doctors couldn't operate on Mihir with this weight, so they put him on a very low-calorie diet (VLCD) for three months.

The dedication: Doctors thought Mihir wouldn't return, but he did

Though Dr Pradeep Chowbey, a veteran bariatric surgeon, assumed Mihir wouldn't return, he did and was 10kg lighter.

Further, Mihir reduced his weight to 196kg, and the doctors operated him in April. But before the surgery, Mihir's high blood pressure posed a problem.

Another challenge doctors faced was anaesthesia. "There's no guideline on the anaesthesia dosage for a person weighing 200kg," Dr Chowbey said.

The operation: Mihir's muscles had 10-12 inches fat underneath it

The surgery, that was performed almost three months ago, lasted two-and-a-half hours, but it wasn't smooth. The presence of 10-12 inches of fat beneath Mihir's muscles made the doctor's path difficult.

They used their experience to go pass hurdles.

A gastric pass was created that ensured the digestive system was re-routed past stomach. This helps the person feel full even on less food.

Better days: Lighter, and obviously happier, Mihir is eyeing normal weight now

Mihir's current weight is 177 kg and the target is to weigh less than 100 kg in the next three years.

The operation has obviously been life-altering for him. He now doesn't feel angry all the time.

"I couldn't do normal everyday things but I used to say to myself: don't worry, you'll do it someday. I have reached that someday," Mihir said.

The learnings: Now, Mihir's parents have asked their daughter to 'eat wisely'

Dr Chowbey said Mihir visits the hospital for follow-ups and has been asked to follow a restrictive diet.

On the other hand, Puja Jain said the bitter episode has taught them a lesson. She now makes sure that her daughter Nandini eat wisely and perform physical activities.