Welcome Ganapati Bappa 2019 with love, spread humanity and be united as nation - Dr Brajesh Yadav

Sravan month ended, Now its time for yet another Indian festival after praying for father its time for Son now. Welcome, Ganpati Bappa 2019 with a whole heart to bless us. The celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with lots of joy in India. As we all know, the Ganpati festival is famous in Maharashtrian people. Mainly Marathi people enjoy this festival. But the trend is changing with time passing now all over India; we are seeing rise Ganpati Mahotsav.

This festival is also related to Unity of India. Lokmanya Tilak who started this festival to bring all masses together on one stage and form a unity in the society. From Shivaji to Peshwa we have seen Ganapati Mahotsav has been enjoyed with lots of energy in Maharashtra.

Dr Brajesh Yadav, who is a renowned Businessman, and multitalented personality his name is heard in many things business to social work. He feels the importance of Ganpati Mahotsav is excellent. He feels its time were everyone comes together and enjoy's Lord Ganesha's festival with joy and happiness.

According to Dr Brajesh Yadav, we can learn many things from Lord Ganesha's story. As we all know, Ganesha is the god of knowledge and with him comes Riddhi and Siddhi. We have to fight against Avidya in society. Dr Brajesh Yadav feels we too have to destroy selfishness and help more and more people who can help us spread humanity.

The celebration of 10days should be enjoyed in a way that it remains in the mind of the people for 355 days. Bring eco-friendly Ganpatiji so that it doesn't affect our water and water creatures. According to Dr Brajesh Yadav, you keep Ganapatiji for a day or 10days, keep them with love and try to learn from something from his stories. Dr Brajesh Yadav feels Ganapatiji's stories are an ideal example for any human being how to live life by learning new things and helping others in your life.

It is believed that praying to Lord Ganeshji leads to the fulfilment of wishes and desires. His blessing removes all the obstacles from life. Dr Brajesh Yadav wants everyone's problems to go with Ganpataji's visarjan, and everyone gets what they desire in their life.

Dr Brajesh Yadav, last message to his fans and Ganpati lovers, is to live life with joy and try to help each other, which will spread humanity in our society. Be loud to things when you feel things are not going right in the Nation. Be Brave and help our Nation grow faster in the 21st century. Say loud Ganpati Bappa Maurya and give a clear message of unity and brotherhood in our society.