Walk this way? Take our famous hiking trails quiz

Adam McCulloch
Photograph: Feng Wei Photography/Getty Images
  1. Which of these walks reaches the highest altitude?

    1. Annapurna Circuit

    2. Inca Trail

    3. Tour du Mont Blanc

    4. Everest Base Camp trek

  2. Which long-distance trail features in Bill Bryson’s book (and the 2015 film, pictured) A Walk in the Woods?

    1. Continental Divide Trail, USA

    2. The Appalachian Trail, USA

    3. The Grand Enchantment Trail, USA

    4. Rideau Trail, Canada

  3. The Camino de Santiago network of pilgrims’ routes comes together in which city?

    1. Santiago de Compostela, Spain

    2. Santiago, Chile

    3. Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic

    4. Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

  4. George Meegan wrote The Longest Walk (1988) describing his journey on foot from Ushuaia, Argentina, to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. How many days did it take him to walk the 19,019-mile route?

    1. 549

    2. 11,456

    3. 8,242

    4. 2,425

  5. The Coast to Coast walk across the north of England, between St Bees and Robin Hood’s Bay, was first described by which famous walker and writer?

    1. Alfred Wainwright

    2. Ffyona Campbell

    3. Nan Shepherd

    4. Robert Macfarlane

  6. What is the highest point on the Pennine Way in the UK?

    1. Scafell Pike

    2. Leith Hill

    3. Cross Fell

    4. Kinder Scout

  7. Where is the 211-mile John Muir Trail?

    1. The Highlands of Scotland

    2. Patagonia

    3. British Columbia

    4. California

  8. Which US trail did Cheryl Strayed walk, as portrayed by Reese Witherspoon in the film Wild?

    1. Continental Divide

    2. Grand Enchantment

    3. Pacific Crest

    4. Ozark Highlands

  9. Where did performance artists Marina Abramović and Ulay trek from opposite ends of in 1988?

    1. Kungsleden Trail (King's Way), Sweden

    2. The Great Wall of China

    3. Hadrian's Wall, UK

    4. Haute Randonnée Pyrénéenne, Spain/France/Andorra

  10. Which is the UK's longest walking trail, excluding the unfinished England Coast Path?

    1. Offa's Dyke path

    2. Pembrokeshire Coast Path

    3. South West Coast Path

    4. West Highland Way

  11. Devil's Dyke.

    You'll encounter Devil's Dyke on which UK long-distance trail?

    1. The Ridgeway

    2. The Thames Path

    3. West Highland Way

    4. South Downs Way

  12. Which of these trails passes through the town of Asissi?

    1. Camino di Francesco

    2. St Olav’s Way

    3. St Conan’s Way

    4. Camino del Norte

  13. A Time of Gifts describes an epic walk in the early 1930s from the Hook of Holland into central Europe. It was written by a man also associated with heroic war deeds. Who was he?

    1. Laurie Lee

    2. Patrick Leigh Fermor

    3. George Orwell

    4. Eric Newby

  14. Parts of Cloud Atlas, Chronicles of Narnia and Grand Budapest Hotel were all filmed on or close to the Painters' Way trail. Where is it?

    1. India

    2. China

    3. Germany

    4. Laos

  15. The 500km Lycian Way in Turkey is between which towns?

    1. Fethiye and Antalya

    2. Istanbul and Ankara

    3. Izmir and Bodrum

    4. Bursa and Eskişehir


1:D - The trek reaches 5,550 metres at Kala Patthar just beating the 5,416 metres reached by the Annapurna Circuit at Thorung La pass., 2:B - A Walk in the Woods (1998) saw Bryson attempt the trail with his friend Stephen Katz. And yes, that is Robert Redford (left) playing Bryson, despite the writer's more obvious resemblance to Nick Nolte, who plays Katz., 3:A - Santiago de Compostela is the capital of Spain’s Galicia. It’s the alleged burial site of the Biblical apostle St James., 4:D - Meegan holds the record for the longest unbroken walk, the first and only walk to cover the entire western hemisphere, and the most degrees of latitude ever covered on foot. He covered nearly eight miles a day on average., 5:A - This 182-mile route was described by Wainwright in his book A Coast to Coast Walk, 6:C - Cross Fell at 893 metres is the highest point in the Pennine Hills and the highest point in England outside the Lake District., 7:D - The John Muir Trail, named after a Scottish immigrant who helped preserve much of today's Yosemite national park, runs in California from Yosemite valley to Mount Whitney, 8:C - The PCT runs for 2,653 miles from Campo near the US/Mexico border to the US/Canada border at Manning Park, 9:B - The couple averaged 12 miles a day, walked 90 days and covered roughly 1,250 miles each. The epic trek marked the end of their romance, however., 10:C - 630 miles, beating the Pennine Way's 267 miles and the Pembrokeshire Coast Path's 186 miles., 11:D - Devil's Dyke is a v-shaped valley in the South Downs north of Brighton., 12:A - Assisi is on the Camino di Francesco (St Francis' Way), a 550km route from Florence to Rome., 13:B - A Time of Gifts was published in 1977 from diary notes. A second book, Between the Woods and the Water, describes the second part of the trek: Hungary to Istanbul. Patrick Leigh Fermor went on to play an important role in Crete during the second world war., 14:C - The Painters' Way is a 112km hiking route in part of the Elbe valley south-east of Dresden called Saxon Switzerland., 15:A - The route starts at Fethiye and ends near Antalya and was devised by Kate Clow, a British immigrant in Turkey.


  1. 11 and above.

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