If You Were Horrified by “Chai Latte”, Wait Till You Watch This “Henna Lip Stain” Video

Arré Bench
·2-min read

If you thought the Americans had peaked cultural appropriation with “chai latte” and “naan bread”, nothing could have prepared us for the “henna lip stain”. Hai Maa Mataji!

In a TikTok video that has now gone viral, American beauty blogger Brianah Christianson does the most white thing ever by applying henna on her lips. “You've seen henna freckles,” Christianson’s voiceover says, “How about henna lips?” (Well, how about no? Please just stop!) After showing her henna supplies, the blogger quickly proceeds to apply red henna to her lips. It’s “for a subtle, natural red shade,” she explains.

Of course, desi Twitter is having a meltdown.

A few horrified souls pointed out how the chemical in henna, which is clearly not meant for lips, can be dangerous.

What about when it starts leaving back patches as it fades? That’s a beauty nightmare.

And the smell? How are we gonna move past that?

Where is the Boycott Bridge when you need one?

Somebody get her lipstick already!