West Crav – The Next To Blow Up From the West Coast? Find Out More

Mohmmad Shaikh
·3-min read

West Crav gears up to drop another fire project, "3D Vision", 12 songs with a lineup of new videos. West Crav is on the verge of signing a major deal with a known music recording label.

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From Fairfield, California. Bay area was a struggle, and for West Crav it was no different. Being homeless in high school, selling drugs, and hustling to get gas money to go back and forth to college. Later moved to Arizona. Being able to isolate himself, he graduated college with the highest honors in Degree in Computers and Electronics. Still making music and polishing his craft.

West Crav is making waves on the west coast and in Phoenix, Arizona. From opening up for Rick Ross, 2 Chains, T.I., Lil Boosie, E40, Ty$, and many more major artists. His stage presence is like no other, and he keeps the crowd electrified. His dance moves and how he rocks the crowd is for sure something to watch.

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Bay area influence and hard punchlines and delivery West Crav is a problem on any song he approaches with a California style. Uptempo party songs, silly dance moves, and street classics, West Crav has proven many times over he can win a crowd over and put on a great show. He also plans to build the 1st ever Hip-hop studio barbershops.

Barbershop and Hip-hop always go hand and hand. Hip-hop is always discussed in barbershops and Hip-hop artists always need to have a clean cut. West Crav plans to join both into 1 establishment. With a barbershop upfront and 3 full recording studios in the back, both have seemed to have a great marriage between each other.

Last year West Crav started with an empty building and now he's building a small empire. With barbers who rap and rappers who cut hair, the worlds seem to come together without a hitch. 5 TVs, PlayStation, 6 barber stations this is a high-end upscale shop. Not to mention the central vacuum system, air nozzle blowers, and how everything is controlled by an android tablet this is also 1 of the most hi-tech shops we saw.

With 3 fully equipped recording studios also being built in the back this place is going to running 24/7. Great hi-end, upscale and hi-tech place where you can get a clean haircut and record a whole studio album. Located on 16st and Thomas in Phoenix Arizona this will a staple in the Phoenix community.

Follow this artist throughout his journey of becoming a major recording artist and household name.