#WeTheWomen: Sania Mirza Shares Her Thoughts About Recent Hyderabad Rape Incident

Prerna Aditi

The horrific and inhuman rape incident of a Veterinary doctor from Hyderabad has shaken the entire nation. It is not only the victim's family members who are going through the pain but every single person living in this country. People are demanding strict punishment against the culprits. People no more want the Indian Judiciary to delay in the trial and law amendments.

Amidst all the protests, Sania Mirza recently spoke about the incident in the 'We The Women' show where Barkha Dutt, the award-winning journalist is seen as the host.

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Sania Mirza says that being a tennis player when she is abroad for her tournaments, she is often asked by her co-players and competitors, whether it is safe to come to India. According to her, people especially, female tennis players who want to come to India and compete often ask her, "is it safe to go to this city or that city?" Upon revealing the reason behind such a question she said, "because they hear about such horrific incidents."

Emphasising the brutal molestation of the Hyderabad women, Mirza said, "Honestly, sometimes I don't know what to say, because how are you going to fight the reality? How do I tell them, that 'yes it's safe'. When we have our own daughter getting raped, murdered and burnt at 9:15 PM because she had a routine of parking her vehicle and taking it back after returning from her work?" She also spoke about how those humans, who shouldn't be referred to as humans, thought the girl to be good prey.

Since Mirza hails from Hyderabad, India, she spoke about her own experience. She said, "I feel quite safe there. I never felt scared at any point in my life. But when I heard about this, it did shake me because that is the road (talking about the place where the incident took place) I take every day."

Talking about the solution for such incidents and crimes against women, Sania Mirza said, "There has to be a capital punishment for such things and it has to be fast. It can not take 10 years or 15 years." "Once it is proven (read: crimes against women) an example has to be set," she gave her opinion about the speedy justice in rape incidents.

She also spoke about how women should be allowed to feel safe, "As women, we must be allowed to feel safe in our own home, country and in the world."

It is noteworthy to mention that a few days ago, a veterinary doctor from Hyderabad was raped, burnt alive and murdered by a group of four men. She was returning from her hospital and was about to take her scooter which she used to park every day at a spot. It was then she noticed the flattened tire of her scooter. A few men then approached her to offer help and then raped and burnt the woman.

Obviously, it is due to the delayed and slow trial that has somewhere led people to lose faith in our judiciary and this was what the sports person too felt.

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We hope a speedy trial is done on this incident and the girl along with her family members get justice. We also hope for strict laws against such incidents so that our women could feel safe and no more such crimes happen again in the future.

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