What does the Queen carry in her handbag?

Danielle Stacey
Royal Correspondent
The Queen welcomes newly elected leader of the Conservative party Boris Johnson during an audience in Buckingham Palace, London. [Photo: PA]

As the Queen swore in Britain’s new prime minister Boris Johnson at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday, many social media users questioned why she was carrying her handbag in her own home.

Why fans had their own theories about why she was toting the accessory, the 93-year-old monarch regularly carries it while greeting prime ministers and heads of state.

When Her Majesty appointed Theresa May as PM in 2016, the bag was present, so what does she carry around in it?

The contents is actually no different to what most people have.

In 2012, royal biographer Sally Bedell Smith disclosed that the Queen likes to keep a compact mirror and lipstick handy. She’s reportedly fan of Clarins’ shades.

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The Queen applies lipstick at the Braemar Gathering in Braemar. [Photo: PA]

Bedell Smith wrote in ‘Elizabeth the Queen: The Woman Behind The Throne' that she always carries a crisply folded £5 note to donate to the church collection on Sundays.

Her Majesty is also said to carry practical items such as tissues, reading glasses, mint lozenges and a fountain pen.

Phil Dampier, author of ‘What’s In The Queen’s Handbag?’ says the Queen also likes to have a diary and a small camera, as well as more personal items, including miniature dogs, horses and saddles which are good luck charms given to her by her children.

Secret signals

According to some royal experts, the Queen likes to send her staff secret signals with her bag.

“It would be very worrying if you were talking to the Queen and saw the handbag move from one hand to the other,” royal historian Hugo Vickers told PEOPLE in 2011.

That gesture is apparently a signal to her aides that she wants to wrap up the conversation, so they usher her away.

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The Queen pictured with her Launer bag in 2003. [Photo: Getty]

“It would be done very nicely,” he added. “Someone would come along and say, ‘Sir, the Archbishop of Canterbury would very much like to meet you.'”

Placing her bag on the floor or the table is also reportedly another cue that the Queen wants the event or the meeting to end.

Same style

You may have noticed that the Queen usually likes to carry the same handbag. She’s been coveting Launer London’s designs for over 50 years, favouring the Traviata and Royale styles.

The Queen meeting US President Richard Nixon in 1970, holding her Launer bag. [Photo: PA]

Founded in the 1940s by Sam Launer, the British label has had a royal warrant since 1968.

Her Majesty reportedly owns more than 200 Launer handbags and even visited the Launer factory in 1992.