What's in a Name? Newborn In Philippines Has Been Christened 'Ghlynnyl Hylhyr Yzzyghyl'

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While the world is still catching up on Elon Musk’s son born on May 4, last year- named X AE A-12, a new born in Philippines has now jumped the wagon for the most difficult names in the world. A family from Carmen, North Cotabato, Philippines, named their baby boy, born on April 27, Ghlynnyl Hylhyr Yzzyghyl Mampuan Bruscato. According to the reports, the unique name which is hard to write as well as pronounce was chosen by the baby’s grandfather Raugyl Ferolin Estrera. The rare name took the internet by storm when a picture of the birth certificate of the baby was shared on Facebook by a family friend Yuleses Romneck Cequina Referente showing the baby’s full name on April 29.

“Welcome to the amazing world baby Glhynnyl Hylhyr Yzzyghyl M. Buscato”, read the caption of the post which has been shared almost 50,000 times with 27,000 likes and 10,0000 comments.

The picture was met with interesting reactions as netizens struggled to correctly read the challenging name. A person jokingly commented that he will wait for his child to grow up and decide his/her name. A second person wrote if he was the baby, he would have replaced his parents. A third user wrote that it is better to not have a name while another one wrote the baby will bar his students. While some users reacted hilariously to the strange name, others were concerned about the baby struggling to write his name in school.

Welcome to the amazing world baby Glhynnyl Hylhyr Yzzyghyl M. Buscato.

Ano na supercalifragilisticexpialidocious????? LALABAN PA BA???


Posted by Yuleses Romneck Cequiña Referente on Wednesday, 28 April 2021

The grandfather told GMA Network the birth certificate had to be printed twice as the official who processed the document made mistakes while spelling the name correctly.

However, the baby has been nicknamed “Consonant” by the grandfather as the name lacks any vowel.

In conversation with GMA Network, Estrera explained the intent behind the name and how they all came up with it. “Ghlynnyl Hylhyr Yzzyghyl” is a combination of letters from his own name, the father, mother and grandmother of the baby.

Lhyrlon, baby’s father, claims baby Ghlynnyl Hylhyr is the only one in the family who has a name with no vowels.

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