WheatRoot Boots Up The Definition of Procuring Farmer’s Goods

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With summers approaching, hunger for sweet and juicy fruits is gonna surge and take up all the thoughts. But, at the same time, stepping out in the hot sun to look for a fruit-seller just to buy a bunch of grapes sounds hectic in itself. To solve this issue and bring you your desired edibles at the comfort of your homes, WheatRoot has come up with its fruits and vegetable delivery services at just a click.

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Founded by Mayank Gupta with his two friends, Neeraj Garg and Gopesh Sharma, WheatRoot is Gurgaon’s first mobile vegetable shop. It enables customers to book their e-carts and pick the products of their choice. They ensure freshness in all their products and guarantee the supreme quality of the same. They promise 100% cashback on any degradation that happens on their part.

Mayank Gupta, CEO of WheatRoot, while talking about his vision behind the idea mentions, “We figured that there were a lot of problems that a vendor faced. From procurement of fresh fruits and vegetables to finding the desired customers, the chronology is not simple. Hence, we developed this Uber-like platform, aggregating all such individuals and helping them reach more customers, increasing their daily sales and margins.” This platform has proved to be beneficial to both vendors and buyers.

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Even during the tough times of the pandemic, when the world was shut behind doors, the WheatRoot team had put in commendable efforts to fulfill the basic food necessities of people in and around Gurgaon. They have established themselves so well in such a short period that people now vouch for their quality and timely deliveries.

Integrating the online with offline, WheatRoot gives customers the luxury to handpick edibles at their doorstep. They have made their backend in such a way that despite being online, people can still choose the most affordable pricing and get the products delivered within a few hours. Unlike other delivery agencies, they come out as the fastest ones. WheatRoot is a way to save time and other resources by not having to go to the market just to buy daily in need of fresh and delicious fruits and vegetables.