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Tusshar Kapoor

The more successful of the two siblings, Ekta Kapoor is known to follow astrological advices before all her moves, religiously. Many attribute all her accomplishments to the numerous gems she sports, and the numerically favoring titles she picks for her shows. Tusshar too, gave a shot to his elder's trick, and added an extra 's' to his name, but, the added 's' couldn't add anything to his career.

These Bollywood stars changed the spelling of their names in search of success

Movie stars resort to all extremes to get the attention they so passionately crave. Staying in news by using the PR machinery in the craziest ways, visiting all holy sites seeking blessings, or reaching for the astrologers and following their suggestions - they have done it all.

Though Shakespeare left us wondering, what’s in a name, these 10 are among the many Bollywood celebs who changed or tweaked it to find dear success.