Where does Aquaman go to use the bathroom? Jason Momoa answers burning questions from Kelly Clarkson's kids

Hollywood star and DC's superhero Aquaman, Jason Momoa recently appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show. While talk shows often give out exclusive details revealed by the guests, it were some 'burning questions' from Kelly Clarkson's kids Remy Alexander and River Rose that caught Momoa off guard.

Kelly Clarkson, introduced the actor and asked him, if he could answer some question from her kids Remy and River. During the show, Kelly reveals how her babies are big fans of the actor. Jason, who featured in films like Braven and Wolves, and the popular show Game of Thrones, was more than happy to meet and answer any questions the little kids might have about Aquaman.

Momoa hugged Kelly Clarkson's daughter River Rose as she stormed into his arms. Later, on River asked him if he knows about Ariel from The Little Mermaid. The actor reveals that he does know of her and that she is very nice. The next question from the kids however, made the audience burst into laughter.

The kids ask the Justice League actor as to where does Aquaman's character go if he has to use the bathroom. This question left Jason in splits. He immediately replied saying 'everywhere'.

Jason is currently a part of See is an American science fiction drama web television series produced for Apple TV+.

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