Where does an ogre stand near a monk and a maiden? The Weekend quiz

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<span>Photograph: Lorado/Getty Images</span>
Photograph: Lorado/Getty Images

The questions

1 What group was told “shave your moustache and obey the laws”?
2 What did Yusheng Du solve in 3.47 seconds?
3 Where does an ogre stand near a monk and a maiden?
4 What form of music notation was invented by Sarah Glover?
5 Which Football League newcomers are the Sulphurites?
6 What famously carried water to Roman Nîmes?
7 Which shark is the longest-living vertebrate?
8 Je T’aime… Moi Non Plus was originally written for whom?
What links:
Gert Fröbe; Steve Martin; Aidan Gillen?
10 Leonor; Catharina-Amalia; Victoria; Elisabeth?
11 Troll; Oseberg; Ekofisk; Brent; Forties?
12 Bach’s Art of Fugue; Mozart’s Requiem; Schubert’s 8th Symphony; Puccini’s Turandot?
13 Oklahoma City; Santa Fe; Phoenix; Juneau; Honolulu?
14 DH; SG; GS; SL; AC (in winter sports)?
15 Albert Camus; Mark E Smith; Gillian Anderson?

Mark E Smith
What links Albert Camus, Mark E Smith (pictured) and Gillian Anderson? Photograph: Kevin Cummins/Getty Images

The answers

1 Men of ancient Sparta.
2 Rubik’s cube (world record).
3 Swiss Alps (Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau mountains).
4 Tonic sol-fa.
5 Harrogate Town.
6 Pont du Gard.
7 Greenland shark.
8 Brigitte Bardot (by Serge Gainsbourg).
9 Played “fingers” on screen: Goldfinger; Bowfinger; Littlefinger (Game Of Thrones).
10 Heirs to European thrones: Spain; Netherlands; Sweden; Belgium.
11 North Sea oil and gas fields.
12 Unfinished classical works.
13 Capitals of US states admitted to the Union in the 20th century: Oklahoma; New Mexico; Arizona; Alaska; Hawaii.
14 Alpine ski race abbreviations: downhill; super-G; giant slalom; slalom; alpine combined.
15 The Fall: wrote novel; sang in band; starred in TV drama.