Where to travel on the Holi weekend from Bengaluru under Rs 10,500

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With a single day off, you can end up with a four-day weekend this March. Here's how you can make the most of it.

Holi is here, bringing with it the potential of a long weekend. Take the day off on Monday (Holi falls on a Tuesday) and you’re set for a four-day weekend. If you, like us, are in Bengaluru you could always check into a hotel for a staycation but, surely, you want to head out of town. Conveniently, we have this list of place where you can travel to on the Holi weekend from Bengaluru.

Kochi (return tickets start at Rs 3,446)

Few things can beat a staycation in Kochi, a city that has so much to offer – from history to art and laidback beaches. But if the bustle of Kochi isn’t for you, head down to the hamlet of Mararikulam and check into one of the two major properties – Abad and CGH Earth – that line its pristine beach. There are several Airbnbs too but among our favourite is Samson’s Homestay – a quaint bungalow that’s been lovingly restored and comes with a kayak so you can sail from the bay (yes, the house as a private bay!) into the sea.
Photograph: Jan J George / Creative Commons

Pune (return tickets start at Rs 3,446)

The city of Peshwas is often overlooked when you’re considering a weekend getaway. We’d like to change that and #makepunecoolagain. Fact is that Pune has never been cooler than it is now. With a vibrant nightlife and food scene and several historic sites that dot the city and its outskirts, there’s really no reason to not visit Pune for a weekend. Whether its Shaniwar Vada, the seat of Maratha power or the Aga Khan Palace where Kasturba breathed her last, Pune is where history comes alive. Bonus, here are some of the best places in Pune for breakfast so you don’t have to go hungry.
Photograph: Mayurthopate / Creative Commons

Visakhapatnam (return tickets start at Rs 5,042)

We’re making a strong case for Visakhapatnam as a weekend getaway. Specifically, Araku which is where you should be this weekend. The valley is a couple of hours drive from Visakhapatnam but worlds apart from the beach town. Araku is known for its coffee that stands out for its unique flavour and whose buds have been named as the best in the world. Araku may not have too many touristy things to do but it’s exactly the kind of place where you want to be when you want to get away from the madness of Bengaluru.
Photograph: Amit Chattopadhyay / Creative Commons

Jaipur (return tickets start at Rs 7,199)

Whats not there to like about Jaipur. The city that’s been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site last year continues to offer the best there is in hospitality. Whether it’s a small homestay, a mid-size haveli or a palace hotel, be sure you’ll be welcomed with open arms and a wide smile. Explore the forts, shop your heart out and dig into the lal maas before the summer begins. You won’t regret it.
Photograph: McKay Savage / Flickr

Port Blair (return tickets start at Rs 9,154)

When you land in Port Blair, spend a day exploring the Cellular Jail and Ross Island. The next day, take a ferry to Havelock Island. Stay on the Vijay Nagar side of the beach where the waters are green and literally at your doorstep. Spend your weekend slowing down, exploring the settlements, lazing on the beaches and hiking. You’re unlikely to regret it.
Photograph: Ankur P / Flickr

Colombo (return tickets start at Rs 10,041)

Sri Lanka is the new Goa. With sun-kissed beaches and a great culture, Sri Lanka has emerged as the coolest new destination for Indian travellers. Last year’s bombings notwithstanding Sri Lanka remains a safe option for tourism and leisure. Plus when the tickets are as cheap as they come, this could well be the best time to visit the country.
Photograph: Charaka Ranasinghe / Creative Commons