Where to travel on the Holi weekend from Delhi under Rs 24,000

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With a single day off, you can end up with a four-day weekend this March. Here's how you can make the most of it.

If you, like us, have any intentions of escaping the madness of the city over the Holi weekend you’re in luck because here are the places where you can get away to over the weekend from Delhi.

Dehradun (return tickets start at Rs 5,058)

Head over to the hills to escape the Delhi pollution; your lungs will thank you for that. You could always stay around in Dehradun itself or simply take the cab and head over to Mussoorie and check into the spectacular JW Marriott for a relaxing weekend.
Photograph: Md Amir Salmani / Pexels

Lucknow (return tickets start at Rs 5,643)

The galauti kebabs are enough reason for you to head down to Lucknow but the capital of Uttar Pradesh has much to offer in the history department too. Consider one of the many heritage walks being offered in the city and explore, not just the buildings but also, the many textile arts and the cuisine of the city of Nawabs.
Photograph: Shiv S Tripathi / Flickr

Khajuraho (return tickets start at Rs 8,984)

The temples of Khajuraho should keep you busy for a day but once you’re done with the erotic temple art, there are several places where you can get away to. Shop for saris in Chanderi (about five hours away from Khajuraho) explore the forts of Reva (about three hours away), visit the natural reserves of Panna (some 90 minutes away) or pay your respects to the queen in Jhansi (about three hours away). There’s a lot you can take away from this particular weekend trip so plan well.
Photograph: Christopher Voitus / Creative Commons

Kathmandu (return tickets start at Rs 9,781)

With Vistara now flying to Kathmandu every day, the Nepali capital is more accessible than ever before. Walk around the city and explore the Kathmandu Darbar Square, visit the home of Nepal’s living goddess pay your respects at the Boudha Stupa and the Pasupatinath Temple or simply go shopping. Kathmandu has much to offer, especially for a long weekend.
Photograph: Rajesh Maharjan / Pixabay

Istanbul (return tickets start at Rs 23,862)

The fares may be much steeper than the rest of the getaways listed here but you’re unlikely to forget your trip to Istanbul. It’s the city where the old meets the new, where cultures of two continents come together and where every lane and building has a story to tell. Istanbul was once the centre of the known world and has the ability to hold your attention for a long weekend – no matter if you love history or food or indeed partying.
Photograph: Benh LIEU SONG / Creative Commons

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