Where to travel on the Holi weekend from Mumbai under Rs 16,000

With a single day off, you can end up with a four-day weekend this March. Here's how you can make the most of it

Holi falls on Tuesday, March 10 giving us one of the rare few long weekends in 2020 (if you’re able to take the Monday off from work ie.) If you, like us, have zero intentions being housebound for the Holi weekend, here are all the places where you can travel to from Mumbai.

1. Hyderabad (return tickets start at Rs 3,642)

Cities, sometimes unjustifiably, tend to be overlooked for ‘off-beat’ getaways. We’d like to change that. No harm in visiting a great old city to get away from your own, surely? Especially when that city has a rich cultural, architecture and culinary history. Welcome to Hyderabad.
Photograph: Vivekanand pokala / Creative Commons

2. Goa (return tickets start at Rs 5,003)

This one’s a no-brainer. Do you even need a reason to get away to Goa? Sure it may be tad crowded but that rarely ever takes away from Goa’s charm. Head over to the beach or let your hair down at Banana Republic or, on a Tuesday, enjoy a jazz performance at Cantare’s and you’ll be begging to return to Goa pronto.
Photograph: Abhiomkar / Creative Commons

3. Udaipur (return tickets start at Rs 5,900)

If it’s traditional Holi celebrations you’re looking for, take a flight to Udaipur where the Maharana will lead his family and his people for Holika dahan on March 9. More about the Holi celebrations in Udaipur here.
Photograph: Dennis Jarvis / Creative Commons

4. Jaipur (return tickets start at Rs 6,635)

The weather is great and Jaipur throws a pretty awesome Holi party too. You have a four-day weekend and nothing to do why not hit up Jaipur? Enjoy the lal maas and the lassi, take riding lessons and enjoy the long weekend in the Pink City.
Photograph: McKay Savage / Flickr

5. Dehradun (return tickets start at Rs 9,382)

You could, of course, stay in Dehradun or simply take a cab up to Mussoorie and check into the spectacular Marriott property or you could head over to Landour that offers spectacular sights and scenes that’ll be a sight for sore eyes of an urban dweller.
Photograph: Md Amir Salmani / Pexels

6. Dubai (return tickets start at Rs 13,126)

Your kids may love you for taking you to Dubai but don’t once think there’s nothing in it for you. There are tons of things for you to see – from a host of museums to Ferrari World, spas and world class hotels as well as malls and adventure sports. If it’s history you’re looking for, you can get lost in Dubai’s beautifully preserved ancient precinct.   

Photograph: giggle / Creative Commons 

7. Doha (return tickets start at Rs 15,294)

It is easy to dismiss the Qatari capital as just another middle eastern city with shiny buildings and wide roads but there’s a lot more to Doha than what you may want to believe. There’s a lot to do in Doha over a weekend alone. Luckily for you, we’ve put together this Doha travel guide
Photograph: Paul Trafford / Flickr