WhiteHat Jr's Founder Slaps Rs 20 Crore Lawsuit Against 'Whistleblower': All You Need to Know

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Karan Bajaj, the founder of online coding classes startup WhiteHat Jr, has filed a $2.6 million lawsuit against Pradeep Poonia, an engineer who publicly slammed the company for its marketing tactics. The hearing took place in the Delhi High Court on Monday.

According to a TechCrunch report, Poonia has been accused of "infringing trademarks and copyright of properties owned by WhiteHat Jr, defaming and spreading misleading information about the startup and its founder, and accessing the company's private communications app". The start-up now owned by ed-tech company BYJUs

The lawsuit claimed that Poonia recorded sessions of some WhiteHat Jr classes and asked questions that were not relevant to the course to "humiliate and harass" the teachers and then posted them online.

Poonia, had, in a series of tweets shared alleged recordings of WhiteHatJr teachers in online classes apparently struggling to explain basic concepts such as cloud storage and the Internet.

In a subsequent tweet, Poonia also alleged that a WhiteHat Jr member tried to threaten him on the Telegram app. "Since a couple of weeks I suspected they were tracking me, many insiders informed me about this. But last night they just crossed the limits. They might be tapping my phone number as well," he tweeted while sharing a screenshot of the purported chat.

Poonia has also shared alleged screenshots of WhiteHat Jr's team internal chats on Slack app, wherein the team members have been targetting social media posts criticising the startup, he claimed in several tweets.

On Monday, Delhi High Court heard the case, a few key takeaways from which are following:

Leading ed-tech firm BYJU'S in August acquired Mumbai-based WhiteHat Jr in an all-cash deal worth $300 million (roughly Rs 2,246 crore).

Bajaj, WhiteHat Jr Founder and former Discovery Networks India CEO continue to lead and scale the business in India and the US.

WhiteHat Jr is India's second-largest ed-tech company at a revenue run rate of $150 million.

WhiteHat Jr had recently announced their plans to expand to other global markets like Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand after a stellar growth in the US for its one-to-one online coding classes.

After launching their courses in the US in February, the company is growing at more than 100 per cent (month-on-month) in the country.

Founded in November 2018, WhiteHat Jr helps kids aged 6 to 14 years build commercial-ready games, animations and apps online using the fundamentals of coding.

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