Who is Jessica Mulroney, Meghan Markle's close friend?

Jessica Mulroney is a good friend of the Duchess of Sussex. (Getty Images)

Jessica Mulroney has been caught up in a row about white privilege after a black influencer said she appeared to threaten her livelihood.

Sasha Exeter said Mulroney took offence over her call to action over the Black Lives Matter protests.

Exeter posted a lengthy Instagram video which has led to an apology from Mulroney. Her TV show, I Do, Redo, has also been stripped from her.

But who is Mulroney, who is one of the Duchess of Sussex’s closest friends?

She’s a stylist with an impressive client list

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie Gregoire in 2015. (Getty Images)

According to Grazia, Mulroney started her career in communications, working for the bridal firm Kleinfeld, of Say Yes To The Dress.

She styled Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau in 2015, before her husband Justin Trudeau’s inauguration as Canadian prime minister.

She’s styled Gregoire-Trudeau on occasions since then. Mulroney uses her platform to spotlight national talent, heavily featuring Canadian brands like Mackage, Lucian Matis, Zvelle and Sentaler (which the Duchess of Cambridge has also developed a soft spot for).

Her bridal knowledge is sure to have helped Meghan as she prepared to marry Harry in 2018, and Mulroney also chose the dress Meghan’s character Rachel Zane wore when she got married in Suits.

She’s part of a Canadian power couple

Ben Mulroney and Jessica in 2016. (Getty Images)

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The stylist and mother-of-three has been married to Ben Mulroney, former Canadian prime minister Brian Mulroney’s son, since 2008. Ben currently hosts Your Morning and eTalk, and was also the longstanding host of Canadian Idol.

According to The Loop, “Ben Mulroney is an expert in his industry and regarded as one of Canada’s premiere and respected journalists”.

It says he found his calling in “show business not politics” despite his father’s job and his own law degree background.

She has three children who were in Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding

Ben Mulroney, and Jessica Mulroney with Brian, John and Ivy. (Getty Images)

The Mulroneys have twin boys, called Brian and John, and a daughter called Isabel, who is known as Ivy.

The boys were seven years old when they were page boys at the Windsor wedding, and Ivy was four when she was a bridesmaid.

It was rumoured before the wedding that Mulroney would be Meghan’s maid of honour, but the duchess chose not to have one.

She became friends with Meghan in Toronto

Doria Ragland, Meghan, Jessica Mulroney and Markus Anderson at the Closing Ceremony of the Invictus Games Toronto 2017. (WireImage)

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Mulroney and Meghan became friends during Markle’s time on Suits — and have been inseparable since. Mulroney was even reportedly spotted wedding dress shopping with Meghan in London.

The pair took tropical holidays and did yoga together and before having to cut back on her social media presence because of royal obligations, Mulroney was often pictured on Meghan’s profile.

Meghan and Mulroney were pictured together at the Invictus Games closing ceremony.

She started a charity with her sisters-in-law

Jessica Mulroney with the bridesmaids and Kate at Windsor Castle. (Getty Images)

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With her husband and his sisters, Caroline, Katy and Vanessa Mulroney, she started a charity called The Shoebox Project in 2015. Similar to the initiatives in the UK like the Samaritan’s Purse’s Operation Shoebox, volunteers fill a box with gifts like cosmetics and luxuries which are then given to homeless women.

Mulroney told CBC: “We decided to help one shelter and from there it was lightning in a bottle. The e-mail got passed around, women started talking to each other and we were able to support five local shelters that year.

“We're in over 70 communities across Canada. We're in communities across the world. So we're really excited the message is resonating.”

She’s taking a break from social media

Jessica Mulroney with Bobbie Case-Akins and Alonzo Vallecillo who won a complete wedding giveaway planned by her on Good Morning America. (Getty Images)

Mulroney apologised after the row with Exeter, and decided to take a break from social media.

She said: “As some of you may have seen, @sashaexeter and I had a disagreement. She rightfully called me out for not doing enough when it came to engaging in the important and difficult conversation around race and injustice in our society.

“I took it personally and that was wrong. I know I need to do better. Those of us with a platform must use it to speak out.”

Of the threat she added: “I did not intend in any way to jeopardise her livelihood. We had a disagreement and it got out of hand. For that I am sorry.”

She also said: “I respect the decision of CTV and have decided to step away from my professional engagements at this time. I’m going to take this time to reflect, learn and focus on my family.”