'Who's the best Batman?' asks Jimmy Kimmel; Michael Keaton answers

Shubham Dasgupta
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25 Oct 2020: 'Who's the best Batman?' asks Jimmy Kimmel; Michael Keaton answers

Are you excited about The Flash?

After all, this new film will see DC and Warner Bros. experimenting with the idea of a multiverse.

That's also where DC plans to give Marvel a tough fight, and several Batmen played by Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton might also appear.

On that light, Keaton recently revealed to Jimmy Kimmel about his choice of the best Batman.

Funny: Kimmel hosted Keaton as a virtual guest on his show

The host had the former caped crusader as a virtual guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live this Wednesday.

The discussion started with Keaton's current stay, which is when the actor froze on his screen and Kimmel didn't leave the chance to ape his frozen smile.

Kimmel then talked about Keaton's political leanings and finally, the question about playing the Batman in The Flash popped up.

Reply: 'We're having discussions, as they say,' said Keaton

"You sound like a comic book guy," Keaton joked, in response to Kimmel's question, to which the host said in humor that he is so much into comic books that he might end up playing a role in the next Spidey movie.

About his part, Keaton answered, "We're having discussions, as they say. We're talking about it. We'll see if it happens."

Trivia: 'All 127' Batmen may appear in the film, jokes Keaton

Stretching Keaton's answer in a positive line, Kimmel asked the actor if the rumors are right that Ben Affleck will also be portraying a Batman in a separate multiverse.

Joking on the crowded Batmen casting of the film, he asked if Kanye West (if not Adam West) is in talks too, to which Keaton said that "all 127" Batmen may appear in the film!

Details: Q: Who is the best Batman?; Keaton's (instant) answer: Me!

Keeping the jokes apart, Kimmel asked the million-dollar question: "Who is the best Batman?"

And, Keaton almost instantly replied, "Me," to thunderous applause.

The popular talk show host then asked if the actor still uses that shiny Batsuit for "sex play or whatever?"

Keaton said he wears the suit once in a while and roams around if he feels "insecure enough."

Fact: Did you know: Keaton wanted to refuse the role

Did you know that when news broke of Keaton portraying Batman, Warner Bros. was flooded with letters criticizing the decision.

Also, he wasn't a Batman fan and had planned to refuse the script. Thankfully, he didn't!

Because, when the film released in 1989, having Jack Nicholson as Joker, it earned a stunning box office revenue crossing $411mn globally!

Keaton reprised his role in Batman Returns.