Why am I trending? 'Shweta' memes leave namesake singer perplexed

Priyanka Bansal
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Why am I trending?
Why am I trending?

19 Feb 2021: Why am I trending? 'Shweta' memes leave namesake singer perplexed

It's raining memes nowadays it seems! The newest one to catch the eye of netizens pertains to an online call, wherein one Shweta exposed raunchy secrets while keeping her mic on (ouch!).

As the episode sparked a meme-fest, singer Shweta Pandit used the perfect opportunity to turn some attention toward herself, even plugging her music.

Full marks for creativity, Pandit!

Oops!: What is the entire 'Shweta' episode?

Yesterday, an audio clip of a call trended on Twitter. In the clip, one Shweta was seen giving NSFW (not safe for work) details to her friend, perhaps unaware that the call she was on had 111 other participants.

As she kept talking about another boy, the other participants told Shweta that her mic was on but to no avail.

Social media: 'Why am I trending?'

Hopping on the trend, singer Pandit tweeted yesterday, "Meanwhile me: I have no idea why am i trending worldwide #Shweta #Pandit. (sic)"

After some users explained the entire fiasco to her, she tweeted, "And since im trending .. then best is listen to my music (on) Headphone #shwetayourmicison. (sic)"

In one of the tweets, she also uploaded a picture of her wedding.

Fact: Make hay while the sun shines?

Viral: Meanwhile, internet collectively lost its cool over the raunchy details

Like most other trends on social media, no one knows how this one started but when the memes started coming, they didn't cease to stop!

Netizens used any and all meme templates to present their take on the incident.

Well, if coronavirus pandemic has taught us one thing, it is that we should be extra careful during group calls.

Fact: Twitterati used a plethora of Bollywood references

Marketing: Big brands also hopped on the bandwagon

Brands like Tinder and Flipkart also jumped on the bandwagon and started sharing 'Shweta' memes.

While Flipkart apparently tried to advertise their headphones and offered a discount, Tinder India re-tweeted a picture giving an insight into what Shweta's bio on the dating app would have read.

"I am an oversharer looking for a good listener, (sic)" the picture read.