Here’s Why Ayushmann Khurrana Didn’t Shave His Head For Bala!

Manjari Mukherjee

Ayushmann Khurrana Didn’t Shave His Head For Bala, read to know why:

Versatile actor Ayushmann Khurrana has never failed to impress with his acting chops. The talented actor has become famous over the years for spending a lot of time and effort preparing for each role and getting into his character. Ayushmann’s upcoming film Bala, which is scheduled to release on November 8, 2019, is no different. And going by the promos of Bala, which is produced by Maddock Film Productions, it is certain that the brilliant actor has once again nailed it.

Presented by Jio Studios and Dinesh Vijan, Bala deals with the subject of premature balding in men and the social stigma surrounding it. Now, Ayushmann is known to push the envelope when it comes to playing his characters, and for Bala too Ayushmann was willing to go to any length to get his character right, even shave his head!

However, while the dedicated actor was all charged to sacrifice his hair for the role, film’s director – Amar Kaushik didn’t let him do so and he had very valid reason for it too. According to Amar, Ayushmann is one of those lucky fellas who inherently has very good hair and even if he would have shaved his head, it wouldn’t have looked real.

Commenting about it, Amar said, “Ayushmann genetically has very good hair, they are thick and voluminous. A person who starts losing hair has a certain pattern to it. The hair first starts thinning and then slowly starts decreasing. So even if Ayushmann would have shaved his head, we wouldn’t have got the exact desired look as we had to show a process of balding. Hence, we had to go ahead with prosthetics. But I really do respect his dedication for his craft.”

Seriously, hats off to Ayushmann’s dedication!

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