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Ser Jorah Mormont

Whether you're Team Daenarys or Team Kill the Mad Queen, it was hard for us not to turn on the waterworks when Ser Jorah Mormont gives his life to protect the Mother of Dragons during the Battle of Winterfell. We've been well aware she is the love of his life since early on in the series, so when he does everything in his power to protect her from a throng of wights, the emotions certainly started flowing.

We knew from the second we saw him interact with Daenarys that he was going to die some way or another saving her hide. It was inevitable. While we wish we could've seen him go out during a stronger episode (or at least one that was bright enough for us to see what was happening), in the end, Jorah's death is a fair send-off for the longtime character.

Game of Thrones: The Most Disappointing Deaths in Season 8, Ranked

Warning: dragon-size Game of Thrones spoilers ahead!

With one episode left in Game of Thrones - yes, the last episode ever - it's time to discuss all of the major characters who have bitten the bullet so far in season eight. In a show like this, where some characters dying off is probably more satisfying than it should be, the final season has been somewhat of a mixed bag. Scroll through to get a look at the most upsetting or downright unjustified deaths - from "Wow, he totally deserved that!" to "Eeek, why on earth did they do that?!" - to see if you agree. Who the hell knows how many more people we'll have to add to this list after the finale, right?


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