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Salman Khan's Range Rovers

Bollywood's 'Bhai' loves Range Rovers considering he is currently onto his second one and both of them finished in his signature white colour.

Why Bollywood loves this SUV so much

If there is one car that has invaded the garages of our Bollywood stars, it has to be the Range Rover. This luxury SUV is now the unofficial chariot of Bollywood. Why Range Rover? Well, because the Range Rover is the classiest luxury SUV on sale with a long heritage and also combines luxury with SUV presence/practicality unlike any other vehicle. It isn't cheap, though, with a price starting at a shade under Rs 2 crore and going up to Rs 4 crore.

However the prices haven't fazed our stars with almost the whole of the Bollywood fraternity owning one. Take a look.