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Aishwarya Rai

Over a decade ago when Aishwarya Rai, was not a Bachchan and gossips of her high-profile affair with Salman Khan were rife in media, Shah Rukh Khan had signed her for his home production Chalte Chalte. It was during the movie's shoot one day, Salman Khan stormed into the set, picked a fight with his then girlfriend creating an embarrassing situation for Aish surrounded by the crew. This led to a huge controversy that didn't sit well with SRK. to avoid future disruption, SRK got Rani to replace his Devdas co-star.

Why would these celebs walk out of such amazing movies mid-way? How rude!!!

The formal denial of the stars aside, Bollywood is a tough race, everyone is constantly striving to outdo the next. Excelling in this race often calls for changing tracks and our actors don’t mind leaping from one to another – we are talking movies – even it is in the middle of production.

Here are 10 times your favourite star walked out of a movie mid way ensuing some major ripples in the industry.