Why Deepika Padukone's 'The Intern' is suicidal for a remake in Bollywood

Bollywood star Deepika Padukone and veteran actor Rishi Kapoor are set to feature in the Indian adaptation of Robert De Niro-Anne Hathaway starrer 2015 Hollywood film "The Intern". This is the first time that Deepika will be investing in the remake of a film. When asked why did she pick this one out of the lot, the actress said that she found it quite relevant. But is it really worth investing in Bollywood?

She told Hindustan Times, “When I saw the Anne Hathaway, Robert De Niro version of it, this is where I can say I finally came across as something that’s going to be endearing, light-hearted, and relatable. The theme of the film is universal. India is one of the youngest countries in the world. With the youth, the way people work today, our ideologies… we are very different from the older generation. This movie threw light on how this slightly older person comes into our life. In our culture, we have it in a different way. We have had uncles, aunties, grandparents who give you that old-world grounding and rooting we all need as we progress in this new age world. And we have this elderly person who has this knowledge and experience, but he is not being able to keep up with the digital age. It’s a beautiful, relevant story between two generations.”

For those who haven’t watched the original film, it can be summarised as a light hearted celluloid that revolves around complex relationships dealt by the two protagonists. Robert applies as an intern for a sceptical Anne. The modern narrative touches upon an unusual rapport at work that transforms into something that is beyond professional. While Robert does justice to his character trying to be the silent guardian for Anne, it is perhaps the only element that works well for the Indian audience as an entertainer.

However, the possible drawback could be the film circling around women empowerment. The Intern shows Anne being the one who runs the ship, dealing with her cheating husband, fear or losing her position as the CEO of her own company; all of those things we’ve seen a man dealing with onscreen in Bollywood. Will Deepika come as relevant and relatable as she claims it will be? In addition to the unsettling ending, which was accepted well by the mature audience, may or may not be well received here.

The cardinal rule for rolling out a film in India involves entertainment or representation of a tragedy and a happy ending. Even if the makers plan to release The Intern in 2021, it’s essential to present the film keeping the target audience in mind. For starters, our homies prefer to spend on a flick that’s entertaining and also fits with their mind-set. We get that Deepika is foraying into the women centric cinema, but there’s a long way to go before one can actually reap the benefits out of this genre. Overall it’s a risk that’s about to face its verdict in the coming days.

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