Why did Karishma Chavan cry on Dance + 5?

Rajendra Pal

Star Plus’ Dance + 5 has been entertaining audiences all over with masterful performances of its top contenders. The talented captains Suresh, Karishma, Dharmesh & Punit’s are now facing a tough job of judging the dancing prodigies along with Super Judge Remo D’Souza. The upcoming episode will take the entertainment notch even higher with the contestants presenting superlative acts to impress the judges.

Monark, who is one of the top 10 contestants on the show floored everyone with a heartfelt rendition on the soulful track of ‘O Saiyaan’ from Agneepath. The act was all the more special as Monark narrated his life story through it which hit a chord with the captains and Karishma Chavan specifically. Karishma was so moved after watching his performance that she couldn’t hold back her tears and said, “I am really moved by Monark’s performance today. In a way I can relate to his story of struggle as I too have dealt with hormonal issues and weight problems resulting from the same. All that I had as my support system were my parents, the same way your parents encouraged you to do better in life.” Along with Karishma, the other captains too praised Monark. It would be an understatement to say that both Karishma & Monark used dance as an answer to all the bullying that they faced in life.

As Monark stood humbly on the stage of Dance+5 and the audience applauded his performance, the dancer admitted that he has been affected by bullying in the earlier part of his life and how he honed his dancing skills which turned the tables completely.

We can’t wait to watch Monark’s fantastic performance on Dance + 5

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