Why Dry Shaving Is Bad For Your Skin

Monika Khajuria

Dry shaving is the perfect shortcut to flawless legs for when you are in a hurry. Or so it seems. Dry shaving is when you try to shave in a rush without applying any shaving cream, gel or lubricant on your skin. This can soon turn out to be the worst thing that you do to your skin.

Shaving is an intense process for your skin and doing it the wrong way can be immensely harmful to your skin. And shaving dry, therefore, is a habit you need to put a stop on immediately or you are going to regret it later. The reason you ask? We have five for you.

Listed below are five alarming reasons as to why dry shaving is bad for your skin.

Dry Shaving Can Scrape Your Skin Off

The shaving gels and creams or conditioner in many cases acts as a lubricant for your skin. Its work is not only to make the process of shaving smooth but also put a protective layer on your skin and prevent the direct contact of the blade with your skin. Shaving without the barrier of that lubricant on the skin means the blade is in direct contact with your skin. As a result, in the process of dry shaving, you often scrape off your skin.

Dry Shaving Can Make Your Skin Extremely Dry

Apart from removing the unwanted hair, shaving also exfoliates your skin. It removes the dead skin cells from your skin leaving it clean. But, at the same time, the process of shaving makes your skin extremely dry. That's why you feel the itchiness and irritation post-shaving. The shaving creams and gels help to moisturise the skin to prevent dryness. The after-shave moisturising routine is also extremely important. To keep your skin healthy and moisturised, say no to dry shaving.

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Dry Shaving Can Cause Razor Bumps And Burns

Razor burns and bumps are common complaints among women who shave. Shaving creams and gels provide a protective layer on the skin and help the razor to glide on your skin to prevent any mishaps. Dry shaving exposes your skin to all ill-effects of shaving aka razor bumps and burns.

Dry Shaving Can Lead To Strawberry Legs

Strawberry legs are your worst nightmare. A not-so-close shave and ingrown hair are the major causes of strawberry legs. The warm water and shaving cream applied before shaving softens the hair follicles and moisturises your skin giving you a close and clean shave. Dry shaving does nothing of that sort for you and thus increases the chances of strawberry legs and ingrown hair.

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Dry Shaving Can Be A Painful Process

If you do not pay attention, shaving can give you major cuts and wounds. The shaving gel ensures that your skin is smooth enough to prevent the cuts. The gliding of razor without any lubricant on the skin is a harsh process that can soon turn painful. For a perfectly smooth and safe shave, dampening and moisturising the skin is a must.

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