Why Indians Can’t Survive Without Desi Food Even When They Are In A Foreign Land!

rachna gupta

We Indians are foodies and let’s accept this that we love to have our local Indian food no matter where we are in the world!

Are you a foodie? Well if the answer is yes then you are someone who would definitely relate to what you are going to read now. As all of us would agree, we Indians are foodies and we love to eat. In fact, eating is our another way of celebrating. For us, overfeeding the guests is another way of expressing our love.

And we already have so much of variety in our country, when it comes to food, that we do not need the videshi food. Still today we see that the ‘pizzas’ and the ‘burgers’ and the ‘fries’ have become our foodlove!  But take a moment and ask yourself that is it really true? Imagine youself living without that lip smacking ‘pav bhaaji’ or those hot and steamy ‘paranthas’. You can’t right?

Well, this is the beauty of the Indian food. No matter how much we like to indulge on the foreign savouries, at the end of the day we need our desi food to satisfy our hunger. And this is the reason why the Indians living abroad also rely on the basic ‘dal chawal’ when it comes to their everyday meal. I mean come on for how long can you survive on those ‘pita breads’ and ‘hot dogs’ and ‘pastas’! At least once a day they want that ‘ghar ka khaana’ because it is something that all of them miss.

If you ask a South Indian living abroad, that idli and dosa would still be his favourite breakfast. If you look at a Punjabi in a foreign land, he would still declare butter chicken or makke di roti-sarson da saag as his one true foodlove!

Because let us all accept that we can’t survive without our desi food even when we are in a foreign land!

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