Why This Leading Fitness Expert Believes the Industry Is About To Soar

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Before the COVID-19 pandemic plagued the world and crashed its economies, the fitness industry served as a staple destination for people from all walks of life. Big box gyms, boutique studios, and at-home programs became in-demand, as people have started shifting towards a more holistic and health-conscious direction.

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But then the COVID-19 crisis came in and limited or closed many fitness centers and gyms. However, despite the temporary challenge, the unprecedented event taught people the importance of incorporating fitness and nutrition into one’s everyday routine even when it becomes challenging. Accordingly, Kory Angelin—Chief Operating Officer for HIIT fitness concept Volofit by Tough Mudder Bootcamp, believes that the fitness industry will rise very soon.

“What the pandemic taught us is that incorporating fitness and nutrition routine has never been more at the forefront,” shares Kory. “With that in mind, the fitness industry is starting to rise again.” Kory Angelin shares two lessons learned from the pandemic that will result in more people joining fitness facilities than ever before.

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Digital Presence

As the world first came into terms with the gravity of the COVID-19 spread, gyms closed the doors to physical centers and switched to social media as a way to keep in touch with their members and communities. Now, that presence is more vital than ever before and won’t be going away soon. Moreover, most businesses say that they will continue digital efforts even as we enter a sense of normalcy.

Online advertising is also on an all-time high, as more fitness companies have turned to both paid and organic promotional posts on social media channels like Instagram and Facebook. “This shift presented a less expensive alternative to marketing,” adds Angelin. “These trends and lessons are continuing for fitness companies and are attracting more members because of these innovations.”


Kory also notes how he observed a shift from a much-needed “at-home” solution for fitness as the world went into lockdown. Some of those solutions include mobile apps, at-home equipment, and fitness programs that people could use from the comfort of their own homes. With work-from-home setups and removal of any form of commute time, people now had the extra time to work out and focus on their health as well.

This rise in demand, Angelin believes, will continue to propagate after the pandemic as people now have more awareness of their physical health and a desire to better themselves. “The more Owners I talk to, the more they say that leads are coming in at a fast and furious pace,” shares Kory. “The demand is here, and it is here to stay.” To know more about Kory, anyone can reach out to him on his official website www.koryangelin.com and follow him on Instagram (@koryfit).

Kory is an award-winning fitness expert and two-time published author who leads the pack in terms of fitness influencing in the country. He has helped many large fitness enterprises all over the globe build reliable brands and craft unique customer experiences. Named one of the "Top Entrepreneurs to follow in 2020” by The Chicago Journal and "Top 20 influential people in 2020" by New York Wire, he is a proven expert in the field with authority to speak to the industry.

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