Why The Macadamia Nut Is Pushing Peanuts, Cashews, and Almonds Off The Shelves


Why The Macadamia Nut Is Pushing Peanuts, Cashews, and Almonds Off The Shelves

By Thomas Herd 

As the trend towards health-conscious dieting intensifies, there is a voracious demand for new genres of food products that can outperform the traditional staples. 

A prime example is the emerging craze around the superfood Macadamia nuts, whose myriad applications include milk, nut snacks, nutrition bars, and more. At the same time, such ardor from informed consumer cohorts has led to a 400% spike in prices, preventing the super nut from gaining the same accessibility- and by extension- market share as their cheaper counterparts have enjoyed. 

Until recently, when nutrition pioneer House of Macadamias set out to change that. By bypassing unnecessary and expensive middlemen, House of Macadamias has consolidated a strong position on the production end at their source in South Africa and has built a direct supply chain of accessible priced macadamia superfood products through its new kickstarter campaign to worldwide markets. With this more efficient direct to consumer approach, House of Macadamias can bring this better tasting and better healthier alternative into the all the snacks you love such as bars, butters, cookies, granolas, milks etc. 

Therefore, the implications of this Kickstarter are nothing short of historic for the nutrition industry. 

This may be the first time we are witnessing a sustainable superfood launch its own entire new category of product that’s already been validated by the world’s top athletes such as IBO Welterweight champion Chris Van Heerden seen in their video 

The reason why Macadamias transcend “fad” status, and are truly a superior product vertical which is here to last (if House of Macadamia’s accessible price-point can be maintained) is due to the unmatched nutritional value they offer. 

Not only do Macadamia nuts check the vegan, keto, and flexitarian boxes, but they also pack record levels of healthy monounsaturated fats and the very rare Omega 7 (or palmitolaiec acid) which is scientifically shown to help fight metabolic syndrome. 

Additionally, unlike the likes of peanuts, almonds and cashews, Macadamia nuts are free of anti nutrients like lectins, making them easier to digest and a mainstay in the growing “free-from” consumers pantry


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