This is why Meghan Markle’s Instagram account was momentarily reactivated

Abigail Malbon
Photo credit: Tristan Fewings/BFC - Getty Images
Photo credit: Tristan Fewings/BFC - Getty Images

From Cosmopolitan

Losing Meghan Markle’s Instagram page was a modern tragedy - all those selfies and dog pictures gone, just like that.

But, I guess that’s the price you pay for being royal, and to be honest the Duchess is probably enjoying living in the moment without worrying about taking a picture every five minutes. Or so we thought…

Meghan’s account was randomly reactivated yesterday after over two years of inactivity. Obviously, fans immediately thought that the former actress was making a return to social media, until they spotted some obvious flaws; the fact that her bio remained the same, for example. It read ‘UN. World Vision. One Young World. Suits. The Tig,’ and had no mention of her becoming a Duchess. Which it probably would, right?

Turns out, according to royal reporter Omid Scobie, the whole thing was just a tech flaw.

‘For those of you asking, Duchess Meghan is not making a return to Instagram, Scobie wrote on Twitter. ‘You can blame a system glitch for her account resurfacing on the app this morning.’

Kensington Palace’s official social accounts made no mention of the resurfacing, but in January they did confirm that Meghan was ditching the platforms. In a statement the Palace explained that Meghan "has not used these accounts for some time, she has taken the decision to close them."

The tech guys at Instagram might want to be careful - they wouldn't want tio risk the wrath of the Queen now, would

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