Why NFL Players Only Shop with Fashion Designer Liz Korn at Pure Atlanta

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Everybody in this world wants the best shopping experience and streetwear. Likewise, NFL players desire to shop and wear the most expensive and fashionable streetwear. To get trendy clothes and footwear NFL players call Liz Korn select only Pure Atlanta. NFL players shop only at Pure Atlanta because Pure Atlanta products are so unique and stylish. They prefer Luxurious Fashion because Pure Atlanta services are exceptional.

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NFL players trust Liz Korn to style them with incredible designs of high-end clothes from Pure Atlanta. NFL players not only gets clothes from Pure Atlanta but they also get accessories. Hence, why the NFL teams that travel to Atlanta likes to shop only from Pure Atlanta because Pure Atlanta is a multiple brand retailing business with unmatched and creative streetwear.

The NFL is National Football League which is composed of 32 teams. NFL equally divided into the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC). NFL players are not only the competitive league but also the most stylish team. NFL players have the opportunity to show their style. Style is the most useful method to interact with fans because players and the league use the style to express themselves. NFL players are best known for their conservative yet stylish suits. The NFL team is famous as a fashion icon in the world. Their styling categories are fulfilled from Pure Atlanta.

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Let's first introduce the brand organizer of Pure Atlanta. Liz Korn is young, attractive, and the most stylish designer of the retailing business. She has a great passion for her business. Liz Korn is also known by the name of Lizzie Pure. Lizzie Pure has always shown her interest in the Pure Atlanta retailing business. Liz Korn learned from Florida State University and then studied her MBA from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton. When she was16 years old, she got her first job on the Gap Store floor in which she folded the T-shirts.

Lizzie Pure is not only leading the entrepreneurial movement for women, but she's also shedding light on hip-hop culture as her Pure Atlanta store has grown dramatically in recent years. Liz proudly believes that hip-hop has come to dominate modern pop culture and is keen to showcase these musicians and their influence on fashion. Liz Korn dominates the retail market with earnings reaching several eight figures at a time when many of the physical stores in the United States are not even making less than half of their profits.

NFL Players Prefer Shopping From Pure Atlanta

Liz Korn started her business by opening her first store about 15 years ago. Pure Atlanta is the best luxury brand that manages all the fashionable and styling requirements of clothes, shoes, and accessories. Pure Atlanta has four stores in the United States (Atlanta, Miami, Houston, and Charlotte), the largest of which is Atlanta. Pure Atlanta offers some of the best luxury brands which are Balmain Versace, Moschino, Dsquared2, Giuseppe Zanotti, Gucci, Fendi kids, and Bally.

NFL players have traveled throughout the world and seen the best, but they still prefer to shop at Pure because they feel Pure is authentic energy. NFL teams proved that Pure delivers a high level of customer service every time. They only want to shop at Pure Atlanta because Pure products are so attractive than the other brands. All-Star Champion says about Pure Atlanta brand — "If you want to get the best clothes in town, shop at Pure".

Famous NFL stars Marshawn Lynch and Marcus Peters prefer to shop only at the Pure Atlanta. Moreover, NFL Superbowl Champion, Desean Jackson has shown his interest at Pure Atlanta in Lenox Square Mall. NFL players buy all types of luxury fashion items which include the following:

  • Track pants

  • Joggers

  • Sweaters

  • Denim

  • Kash Vest

  • Tees

  • Shirts

  • Jackets

  • Shorts

NFL players not only shop at Pure Atlanta but also post good comments on their social media accounts which increase their followers and help to drive sales. Pure Atlanta is an authentic brand that has produced great success throughout the world. Liz Korn is also captivated to make her brand more stylish and attractive.

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