Why now is the best time to buy a BS4 diesel

Is diesel going to be there in the future and is it worth buying a BS4 diesel car right now? This is a question currently playing on the minds of many car buyers in India. Here are answers to all those questions.

BS4 diesel


The biggest incentive to buy a BS4 diesel car right now is the price factor. Simply because, after the launch of BS6, prices of diesel cars are expected to rise. You can save up-to Rs 2 lakh on a BS4 diesel. Also registration of cars would increase in future which makes getting a diesel car now more feasible.


The biggest issue concerning a BS4 diesel car is the uncertainty of demand and the resale value.

To address those concerns, be sure that firstly diesel is not going away any time soon. There will no ban on diesel and car-makers will continue to offer diesel cars in the future too.

In terms of resale, there will be a small drop in prices of BS4 cars with BS6 coming in, but it would be negligible and you stand to gain more by purchasing it now when the prices are low.

BS4 diesel

Extended warranty

To sweeten the deal further, car-makers are offering an extended warranty along with their cars and that increases the value proposition.

Running on BS6 fuel

If you think that a BS4 diesel car will not run on BS6 fuel, then you are wrong. There would be no hiccups and in-fact your BS4 car will run better and would be cleaner too on BS6 fuel! On the flip side, a BS6 car, if not all, can face some glitches if run on BS4 fuel. At the moment, BS6 fuel availability is still limited but is expected to slowly increase.

BS4 is more efficient

Believe it or not, a BS6 car is less fuel efficient compared to a BS4 car. To conclude, a BS4 diesel car is more fuel efficient especially because there is also a drop in mileage with the tech grafted in a BS6 car.