Why should one watch India’s Best Dancer on Sony Entertainment Television?

Rajendra Pal

The concept of dance reality show began in 1996 with Boogie Woogie which was telecasted on Sony Entertainment Television. Since then, India has witnessed several shows promoting talents from different age groups. While we have seen Jodi performers, celebrity performers, duos, triplets, groups etc. there is no show that has invested in showcasing only Solo performers. But this year 2020, Sony Entertainment Television will be streaming its homegrown show called, India’s Best Dancer which will have only Solo performers. That’s not it, there are top five reasons why one must not miss on watching this show and they are listed below;

Only Solo Performers
There are different forms of dance which sometimes may require a partner or a group but India’s Best Dancer as a show will purely judge and analyze the contestant’s basis their individual strength. When there is a solo dancer performing, the judges can only and only concentrate on that one person to make sure they see and capture every move.

90 Seconds to Prove Yourself
In the first round of audition, each contestant will have to show three power moves basis which the judges will select them or the next round. Because the three best moves have to be the best, judges will not entertain the contestants if they see no dance and only jumps and lifts. The performances must be more focused on dance and less on the tricks as the three judges will be seen giving selecting talents based on their dance.

Dance Battle
These words are often heard when we speak of western style of dance and have seen in mostly seen in Hollywood movies. Well, wait for India’s Best Dancer to go on air. Once the contestants clear the first round, the second round calls in for a dance battle where two performers will be dance on the same song alongside and must show how versatile they are.

The ENT Factor
The show will be judges by three judges, Malaika Arora, Terence Lewis and Geeta Kapur. These three judges who excel in their domain will be judging the contestants on the ENT factor. Malaika Arora will be seeking for the E – Entertainment factor, Geeta Kapur will be looking into N – Newness and Terence will scrutinize the T – Technique.

Need Three YESES!!
Like other shows where the majority is considered when it comes to decision making, in India’s Best Dancer, the contestants can only qualify to the next round if they get a YES from all the three judges. Even if one judge is not satisfied with the performance the contestant will not be selected.

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