Why Pak's '#BoycottIndianProducts' won't affect India at all

Yahoo! India Finance
Yahoo! India Finance

Angered at India revoking Article 370 that accorded special status to Kashmir and further upset with the isolation it has been subjected to by the world on the issue of J&K, Pakistanis are resorting to actions that can best be termed as ridiculous.

They are trending ‘#BoycottIndianProducts’ on Twitter in a bid to encourage Pakistanis to boycott Indian products and ‘hurt’ the Indian economy.

Meanwhile, Indian trolls are having a field day taking a dig at Pakistan’s precarious economic condition and the diplomatic defeats it has been subjected to by India in the last few weeks.

But how much of a difference does this ‘not-so-diplomatic’ by move by Pakistan make to India? What is the significance and percentage of trade between Indian and Pak? Here are some facts:

Formal trade between the two countries due to tariff barriers and quota problems is not significant. Informal trade between India-Pakistan is generally done (1) re-routing trade through a third country and (2) illegal trade through land borders.

Informal trade between India and Pakistan is estimated at about $3 billion. Informal exports from India to Pakistan constitute mainly readymade garments, cosmetics and jewellery, spices, livestock, drugs and pharma, machinery, textiles, chemicals, tyres. Imports from Pakistan to India include cloth, tobacco products, dry fruits, leather products mainly footwear.

The share of India’s export to Pakistan in India’s total exports has declined to 0.73% during FY2010-12 period from 1.01% during 2007-09 period. The share of India’s imports from Pakistan in India’s total imports has declined to 0.09% during

And even as commerce and industry bodies of both the nations aim at increasing bilateral trade, Pakistan is letting ego get the better of its people’s well-being.

Frankly, boycotting Indian products will have little impact on India’s economy and will only deprive Pakistanis of quality products that the nation does not produce.

Check out the tweets below: