Why parents shouldn't watch adult shows

Preethi Warrier
Why parents shouldn't watch adult shows

I have always been a big follower of all the shows they  air on Star World or Zee Cafe. Like Friends, Seinfeld, Two and a Half Men, Simpsons and most recently The Big Bang Theory.


I used to love them all so much, I would watch the reruns of all the seasons and the evening time suited me too. Husband would be in office and my baby would never understand any of the stuff going on. Even if I missed a show one day, there would be a repeat telecast in the afternoon.


And honestly, I felt entitled to some entertainment after a long day with the baby, it could be quite stressful and depressing to spend an entire day cooking and cleaning. And American sitcoms had been my favourites since college.


Now the only problem with these sitcoms was that the content used to be heavily adult and the dialogues happened to be pretty bold. But then I was not complaining, I didn’t have to worry at all, because even after my baby was over two years old, he couldn’t understand a word of what was being spoken. So I would relentlessly watch all of them.


For my son’s fifth birthday, I had been visiting my  mother and I was enjoying a short vacation, free of cooking and household chores. And this also meant hours of uninterrupted viewing of my favourite sitcoms.


It was only later in the day when my son had gone to sleep, that my mom reprimanded me after all these years.


She roared, “ Why do you watch all these adult serials in front of the kid?”


I was taken aback “He does not understand anything, he is so young. What difference does it make”, I reasoned.


“Doesn’t understand?”, my mother fumed. “He definitely seems to have read the subtitles. Because while you were busy watching TV, your son came up to me and asked the meaning of PORN!”


And that day I learnt a lesson, never underestimate your kid, however young he is.


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