Why Is Ram Gopal Varma Bringing up the Past Again?: Namrata Dutt

Ram Gopal Varma confirmed that he will be making a film that tells the real story of Sanjay Dutt. His tell all will focus on this phase of Dutt’s life alone, possibly his link to the 1993 serial bombings in Mumbai and his possession of an AK-56.

Sanjay's sister Namrata Dutt, though, is not happy with the announcement of another film on her brother’s life. "It was an unfortunate episode in Sanjay’s life. He has moved past it. Why is Varma bringing up the past again? His movies are dark. Why do you want to go on and on about Sanjay’s life? Why is he putting us through so much pain again?" she told Mid-day.

Rajkumar Hirani’s Sanju has been criticised for “whitewashing” Sanjay Dutt’s bad boy image. Varma, instead, wants to make a story on the life of the “real” Sanju.

"Doesn't Varma need Sanjay's approval to make it? If Sanjay gives a go-ahead, we are nobody to say no to him," told Namrata.

"We have been through every phase of what Sanjay has gone through. When he became a drug addict, we at least knew that we could help him out of it by sending him to rehab. But we had no control over the other incident [going to jail]. It was painful as we helplessly watched him suffer." - Namrata Dutt

RGV and Sanjay have worked in two films together, Daud (1997) and Department (2012).

Namrata also spoke about Kumar Gaurav being upset that he wasn’t a part of Sanju, despite being one of close friends since decades. "Bunty (Kumar Gaurav) is not upset. He wasn't well during the screening. He will watch it soon," she said.

Namrata also told Mid-day that she would’ve liked to see Sanjay's former wife Richa and daughter Trishala in the biopic. "I missed watching their characters. But I haven't mentioned it to Sanjay," she said.

(Source: Mid-day)

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