Why Sheena Newman Seeks to Empower Women Through Her YouTube Channel


Why Sheena Newman Seeks to Empower Women Through Her YouTube Channel

The stereotypical role of the woman is evolving globally. In the past, women were often confined to the duty of wife and mother. As times change, so does the influence women have on their families, communities, and society as a whole. Today, women have thriving careers, which are pulling in significant revenue and creating jobs. 62% of women-owned companies claim that they are the primary source of income for their families, and as women expand their success, this figure continues to rise.

So how do we get there? How do we become a wife, mother, and boss? Sheena Newman understands what it is like to wear many hats. As a wife, mother, and the founder and CEO of TALIX Organics, she understands the value of empowerment and often relies on the strengths of her network to guide her through challenges. “These days, women have a lot on their plate,” explains Sheena. “That is why I strive to create a positive platform on YouTube, where women can come to support each other.”

Sheena focuses on one’s happiness and well-being, which is the cornerstone of a successful life. Sheena understands while a successful life is earned, it is not obtained without the support of one’s peers, which is the primary focus of her YouTube channel.

With guests like Rachele Brooke Smith, Nikki SooHoo, and Tiffany Sorya, Sheena Newman’s six-part interview series, are for busy women on the run. They are engaging, fun, and short, delivering content with a powerful punch. In total, Sheena’s videos have been viewed over 136,000 times on YouTube alone. Viewers find her content both life-changing and relatable. In addition to the six-part interview series, Newman strives to deliver engaging content on health,  lifestyle tips, and accessible fashion inspiration for mothers and daughters.

As the founder and CEO of a successful skincare company, Sheena Newman believes that empowering others lies in the bonds women make with each other. Thus why YouTube is such a critical medium for her content. She has built a channel that connects women through open dialogue and conversation.

Along with her lifestyle videos and celebrity interview series on YouTube, Sheena also launched the non-profit organization- Ladies and Lunch in late 2018. Ladies and Lunch is the leading non-profit organization for women. Through inspiring 18 to 30-minute videos, their mission is to provide a network of support, education, and motivation in three fundamental categories: business, self-development, and interpersonal relationships. Ladies And Lunch is designed to empower women and develop successful leaders. When it comes to digital content, Sheena Newman is undoubtedly a rising star to watch.

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