Why the Volkswagen Polo is still relevant

New Volkswagen Polo

In today's fast paced world, and with consumer attention spans shorter than ever before, it's indeed a surprise that a car is celebrating its 10th birthday in India.

Normally, cars have a lifespan of 4-5 years along with a facelift thrown in for good measure, however these things do not apply to the VW Polo.

It was only back in the day — when the trusty 800 and the good-old Ambassador ruled the roost — that a car could have lasted so long with no competition. But even in today's cut-throat market, the Polo still does more than decent numbers, in terms of sales, month on month.

Obviously, the Polo sold today is not exactly the same as the one that was launched a decade ago. But it still has largely the same design, platform and interiors. The Polo has received extensive updates along the way, of course, and there has been a new version launched very recently, but that is a nip-and-tuck job and not a whole new model.

New Volkswagen Polo

That said, the Polo in its current form is a timeless design and still attracts a loyal fan-following. Why so? Well, it's a proper German hatchback with quality and crisp dynamics that hold an appeal even today; besides the VW badge does carry a degree of finesse not found on other hatches.

Even the latest Polo has the same silhouette and the decade has had no effect on its visual appeal. It's a simple and good looking design, plus the interior quality is still among the best in class.

New Volkswagen Polo

The real deal are the dynamics. The 1.2 TSI petrol with the DSG automatic gearbox is still the best car to drive under Rs 10 lakh and no other hatch offers a dual clutch or a 1.2 TSI engine together.

Thus, the core appeal of the Polo stems from the fact that it’s a proper German hatch available for not that big a price, and still commands a loyal customer base. Of course, the Polo is not spacious and is not as feature-rich as its contemporary rivals, but as a fun to drive hatch, it's still the best bet. A decade may have passed, but the VW Polo still holds its own and is not past its prime...just yet.