Opinion: Why trolling Kareena, when we all have been there, done that?

Pic Courtesy - Viral Bhyani Instagram

An unfortunate pic of Kareena Kapoor Khan was clicked and went viral in minutes. What next? Judgement. judgments… judgments. Judgments came pouring in from all directions.

Judgment 1

Judgment 2
Judgment 3

So, there was a poor beggar kid and she paid no heed to her. Big deal. She was a celebrity in the open, looked quite rushed from the expression on her face, and had her child with her. I didn’t see her carrying a purse or a wallet to spare a penny for the poor soul either.

What do people expect out of her? To drop her own child and pick up the child on the street, kiss her adoringly and throw her a treat at McDonalds? While it would be a stunning gesture on her part, she isn’t really obliged to do any of those things. Her riches and her star status don’t compel her to serve a random child on the street. In fact, the more time she spends on the street, the more crowd would she draw in, bringing about a chaos on the street. Are our streets not enough chaotic, already?

Again, there is a toddler in her lap and such a mad rush is nerve-wrecking for him too, needless to say, he has already lost his childhood to the shutterbugs and incorrigible paparazzi.  He is born lucky, is privileged, his struggles don’t even begin to compare to the plight of the similar one on the road – but, he is a child too. And, if there is any child Kareena Kapoor Khan is responsible for, bears accountability to, it is the one she chose to bring to the world.

Kareena is an actress, she has not chosen to be Mother Teressa or any other social worker of equal stature. Not does she represent the UNICEF. Compassion is virtuous, benevolence tops the moral compass, but you can’t force one to be compassionate towards a random child just because one is famous and wealthy.

Why does everyone with an internet connection, a functioning keyboard, and a social media account assume they stand on a moral high ground and others are beneath them?  How many of those, who have tagged Kareena heartless, have ever, on their way to office, cutting through the busy morning traffic of Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi or Kolkata, have stopped to pick up a hungry child on the footpath, and said, “office gaya bhaad mein… aaj tujhe chicken biryani khilata hoon..”. If you haven’t, then you have no rights to judge the next person on the same context?

Before wrapping up, I shall share a personal experience with you. Many of you will relate to, only few will admit.

Some 4-5 years ago, I was at a famous tourist spot of historical significance; I was taking in the ancient splendor, munching on peanuts. Soon a child, much like the one following Kareena, approached me.

Do din se kuch nahi khaya, didi…” She said pulling at my dupatta.

My heart filled up. I took out a packet of Britannia cakes from my bag and handed it out. She refused. She insisted I gave her money. I offered to buy her whatever she desired to eat from the nearby shops, she refused. She was adamant, I gave her a two-rupees coin, she bargained for five. I obliged. She took the coin and disappeared.

In the next five minutes, about seven such kids showed up from nowhere, and surrounded me. They all wanted a 5-rupees coin. I refused - rather rudely - and left the spot. When I reached my car, I was greeted by two beggar women, with sleeping babies on their laps. They literally blocked the way to the door demanding ten rupees each. It was an exertion to get these women off my way and climb into my car.

You all are free to curse me, but since that day, I avoid and ignore beggars much like the actress did when got snapped. Just that, I can escape being judged for my regular unsaintly behavior – much like many of those who shamed her. We are nor celebrities; our rudeness doesn’t get pictured, and broadcast to the world waiting with their judgmental glasses.