Why you should or should not watch '4 More Shots Please'

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Starring: Sayani Gupta as Damini Rizvi Roy, Bani J as Umang Singh, Kirti Kulhari as Anjana Menon, Maanvi Gagroo as Sidhi Patel
Directed by Nupur Asthana (S2)

Why you should watch it: Glam quotient, humor, drama, hot men and women, and entertainment

Why you should not watch it: If you cannot handle candy-floss and decadent lifestyles

In a nutshell: This one is mostly for the women, but men are invited too to the party!

Rating: ****/5

The bold and beautiful, over the top fashionistas, the much loved, much hated, controversial foursome in the form of Damini, Siddi , Anjali and Umang are back in season two of Amazon Prime's 'Four More Shots Please' . This time a lot more comfortable in their roles and effortlessly pleasing to the eyes thanks to great styling. Add to the mixture a good number of good looking men including Milind Soman as Dr. Aamir Warsi, Prateik Babbar as Jeh Wadia, and Ankur Rathee as Arjun Nair and you've got all the eye candy you need for a candy floss show! The glam quotient has been upped a little more in this season with Sameer Kochhar and Shibani Dandekar joining in as a power-couple.

I binged watched ten 40-min episodes without my intellectual goggles of course and concluded that it was a lazy sunday well-spent in lockdown, living vicariously through these 4 'unapologetically flawed' characters. but I have to say, while I enjoyed watching this fast paced-entertainer, I couldn't help but cringe every time the girls were out for work, or giving each others hugs, pressing the lift button or, taking a crowded Mumbai local, or even just downing drinks at the neighbourhood bar. It is a stark reminder of how in the current environment of lockdown due to coronavirus, we just can't afford to do all those things! The show will definitely make getting accustomed to the new normal of social distancing an uphill task.

Anyone who watched season 1, would know this is an out and out popcorn entertainer and a la wanna be 'Sex and the City', the desi version. Although the show does manage to hold its own. 'Four More Shots' is far removed from reality and yet somehow relatable by women who can identify with similar situations. To me it seemed like the show does not impose feminism on the viewers as much as it seeks to highlight everyday challenges that urban women face in various aspects of life. Topics such as sexism, body-shaming, homosexuality and political conflicts are generously touched upon. If you're about to watch season 2 then of course you must've loved season 1, either that or you're such a critic that you just want to watch it to tear it apart critiquing. 

Season 2 traverses 3 cites. Istanbul, Mumbai and Udaipur. A holiday in Istanbul, fast-paced confusing crossroads in Mumbai, and a grand wedding in Udaipur. Which of the girls is getting married, well, you'll just have to watch the show to find out. It captures Istanbul and Mumbai in all its glory and a part of Udaipur culture too!

The story picks up a few months after where it left off in Season 1 which ended with the girls having a fallout. But season 2 makes up for the lost time and strengthens the bonding between the girls. The foursome reunite in the touristy backdrop of Istanbul where Siddi has been backpacking ever since her break up with Mihir. It is a bit hard to buy the fact that 3 of the girls make an impromptu dash to Istanbul overnight to rescue their drama queen friend only to later discover that this would be one hell of a holiday! All apologies conveyed to each other, the girls party-up and reintroduced us to tourism in Istanbul, which is the best escape we can expect at the moment seeing as all international travel is banned thanks to the dreaded coronavirus.  

Back home the girls resume their regular lives and meet every now and then at their favourite 'truck bar' all the while looking like a million bucks and discussing their sex lives. Yes the ladies are an awfully misbehaved and boisterous bunch who drink way too much and hook up every now then with desirable men, but that's not to say they are irresponsible! So, please do not watch the show through a moral lens; rather treat it the way you would any other show with male protagonists. Don't expect brilliant performances, though each of the actors does justice to their given roles. But do expect a good measure of well-time humour, spontaneity and even some emotional undercurrents. What's left for the audience to discover is whether the girls sort out their careers and love lives or are they going to repeat ill-formed patterns of behaviour. Will Umang's romance with Samara Kapoor played by the gorgeous Lisa Ray move forward? Will Anjali further pursue her relationship with the younger Arjun, does she overcome discomfort with ex-husband Varun and his now wife Kavya played by Amrita Puri? Is there a new man in Anjali's life? Will Damini successfully publish her controversial book about the death of Judge Damodar (ring a bell?) and make sure it is well-received? Will she reconcile with ex-boyfriend Jeh or continue taking a chance on her edgy romance with the older Amir Warsi? Will Siddi finally find her groove and peace out with mom Sneha, played by Simone Singh? And will she overcome body image issues and find a real career in stand-up comedy? 

What new adventures awaits these girls as they grapple with making some big decision all the while seeking affirmation from each other? I recommend watching the show for yourself to find out. This here, ‘4 more shots definitely worth downing!’

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