Wikitia vs Wikipedia: Why Should You Have a Wikitia Profile?

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In 2021, when you are looking for an advanced Encyclopedia Wikitia has appeared to be a major source of information for search engines in creating ontologies and semantically annotated content. It is extracting explicit knowledge from the interaction of users within Wikitia platform.

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When you are famous you are on Wikipedia, but really it seems in the same old school of 2010, there are several aspects where it seems to be lagging behind 2021. The largest encyclopedia seems to have everything, anything you search, a Wikipedia result is coming up, but it is not the truth, there are only 6.2 million pages on Wikipedia and most of them are not updated from years except adding a few categories. No multimedia on Wikipedia pages and this is where closed encyclopedia, Wikitia has started taking an edge over Wikipedia.

Founded by Jeremy Redd, Wikitia is a closed encyclopedia using Ontology engineering to offer knowledge management using distributed artificial intelligence and editors can contribute with a purpose. It has emerged as a major digital encyclopedia with multimedia, where profiles do have videos and video news is considered reliable.

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From 2020, Wikitia has appeared to be one of the major source for establishing authority on the search whether it is for personal branding or corporate branding. If anyone is looking for one of the best alternatives or anything that could give you credibility on Google or any other search engines that you're probably looking for Wikitia can be definitely used for it.

Wikitia ranks not only on the text search, image and as well Video search. It was created to eliminate the flaws of Wikipedia where admins, editors can make a decision without a background in that specific field.

Both Wikitia and WIkipedia use the same software, MediaWiki, though the two implementations have diverged over the years.

Now onto the differences:


Wikitia pages cannot be spammed as it is centrally controlled by only verified editors but Wikipedia pages can be edited by anyone, spam, negative news can be added. It can be spammed easily as they are open for editing and there are not enough active editors to control the pages. Wikipedia has been affected due to undisclosed paid editors and they have been spamming it for SEO, this is where Wikitia has an edge and can’t be spammed.

Video Search

Wikitia also ranks on Video searches, that generates thousands of clicks and impressions, Wikipedia is still running on old school and videos cant be added. It is interesting to note that video references are still not considered reliable by them even in this modern digital edge.


Majority of users are on mobile, on Wikitia thumbnails can be seen alongside search results however it is not seen for Wikipedia.

Search enhancements

Both Wikitia and Wikipedia search enhancements can be noticed on the search engines. Majority of fields are displayed for Wikitia however on Wikipedia as info is limited, so search enhancements are limited.

Data Structure for search engines

Most of the Wikipedia pages do have data structure errors on Google Structured Data Testing Tool for mainEntityOfPage however on Wikitia it seems to be error free.


Wikipedia profiles can be created only for a limited number of people, organizations and topics, Wikitia can cover more topics, biographies and organizations. It is evident that several pages are rejected on Article for creation and deleted everyday, the reach of Wikipedia is limited and Wikitia seems to have an edge over Wikipedia as well.

Google Knowledge Panel

Both Wikipedia and Wikitia pages are resulting in Google Knowledge Panel.

Knowledge Source

Both Wikipedia and Wikitia pages are considered as reliable sources of Information on the search engines. Search engines are using rich semantics from Wikitia to the corresponding resources.

This key difference in basic assumptions about what each site is, results in a dramatic divergence in the level of detail each site offers. The Wikipedia editors approve or reject any edit, any page based on their personal experience which is not verified and often disguise the users.

If you want to enhance your personal brand and really you think you cannot be on Wikipedia, Wikitia is an option that can give you a brand identity on the search engines. It will give you a much better modern identity that is needed in 2021.

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