Wild boar sniffs out and eats £17,000 stash of cocaine hidden in forest by gangsters

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Wild boar walking through dead grass and pine trees
The wild boar ate a stash of cocaine that was hidden in a Tuscan forest (Getty/file pic)

Gangsters who hid their stash of cocaine deep in a Tuscan forest didn’t bank on wild boar sniffing it out and eating it.

The £17,000 haul of class A drugs was completely destroyed by the inquisitive hogs, who left traces of white powder scattered amongst leaves.

According to Italian newspaper Il Tirreno, the men - one Italian and three Albanian - were heard complaining about what had happened to the stash by police, who had wiretapped their phones.

Drug Brick Torn Open
The powder was eaten and scattered over leaves in the forest (Getty/file pic)

The criminals were said to have been trafficking some two kilos of cocaine from the valley of Valdichiana every month into clubs and bars in the cities of Arezzo and Siena.

Police were able to work out that they were using words like “prosecco” and “vino” to refer to the drugs, that they were charging £85-a-gram for.

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The investigation into the men’s activities was started after a 21-year-old Albanian was murered last year.

Italian media reported that two of the men were sent to prison while two others were placed under house arrest.

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