If you are willing to do all the trade-offs in life, you can have it all: Indra Nooyi

In this motivating vídeo, former PepsiCo Chief Executive Officer Indra Nooyi spoke to TV show host David Rubenstein about the struggles she faced to reach the top of her profession.

Indra Nooyi, Indra Nooyi inspirational speech
Indra Nooyi, Indra Nooyi inspirational speech

Talking about her struggle that she had to face to reach where she is today, Nooyi gives out some insightful details in this motivating video.

In the sixth episode of The David Rubenstein Show: Peer-to-Peer Conversations, she said, "To be successful you need to go through a lot of collateral damages and have the strength to power through all of that".

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"Can you have it all that's the big question in this definition. I think if you gave the right support system. If you have an understanding spouse, if you are ready to make all the trade-off that you need to make, you can have it all. But, while you do all that you have heartache, there will be lots of pain, there will be collateral damage underneath the surface and you will have to live with it", she adds.

"I always have this fear that if I fail il have to go back to something that I dont want to and that fear motivates me. I drive myself to be better and better at my job every day", she adds.