Winona Ryder Birthday: 5 Performances of the Actress, Apart From Stranger Things, That Will Win You Over

Rajat Tripathi
·2-min read

Hollywood star Winona Ryder turns 49 today. The millennials best know her for playing Joyce on the Netflix sci-fi series, Stranger Things. She brought to life this amazing character of a mother who'd go to any lengths to save her son. Even if it meant literally travelling to an alternate dimension. Winona's performance is moving. She's vulnerable and emotional, but also fierce and strong at the same time. But, Stranger Things is not the first time we have been introduced to her impressive acting skills.

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If you, too, are enamoured by Winona, and are looking forward to watching her other works, we are here to help. These movies are a perfect introduction to the star that is Winona. And if you already know these films, well, we are sure you are a Winona fan and did not need a list, to begin with. But all you fans can share your favourite Winona Ryder performances with us.

Edward Scissorhands

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Girl, Interrupted

Little Women




Well, to sum up what the actress has to say about her craft, here's her quote from an interview that might help: "There are actors I know personally, or I’ve heard them say, “The less known about me, the better, because I just want people to think of me as the character.” I think Matt Damon said that recently. He has a point and I think I get that. A lot of filmmakers and actors say, “It’s so important to bring an authenticity to the role,” blah, blah, blah. But then it’s interesting because you’re also trying to be somebody else, and viewers are going to associate you with that, so I don’t think it really has an answer." Hap;py birthday Winona.