Winter care tips for pregnant women: Diet to skin care, 6 things to keep in mind

winter care tips for pregnancy

Applying creams and soothing oils is essential for pregnant women during winter. (Source: Getty Images)

Dr Shweta Goswami

Winter care tips during pregnancy: If you are pregnant, the onset of winter means you need to take special care. There is lack of moisture in the air which brings a plethora of infections like flu, common cold  and so on. During pregnancy, your immunity levels should be high enough to avoid infections. So, you should consume the right kind of food, and your skin should be hydrated enough. Pregnant women also need to choose the right garments for adequate protection.

Here are some useful tips for pregnant women to take care of themselves and their baby during winter:

Drink lots of fluids: A well-hydrated body is capable of fighting illnesses in winter. Make sure you avoid caffeinated drinks such as tea, coffee, aerated colas, etc and instead load yourself up with nutritious wholesome vegetable soups, herbal teas, and vegetable juices to stay hydrated.

Do not forget your skin care routine: Choose to keep your skin hydrated at all times as well. Winter would rob your skin off its natural moisture and oils. Therefore, frequent application of creams, soothing oils and lotions is mandatory. As your abdomen expands, the skin will also be subject to stretching of the dry skin, which is painful. The incidence of stretch marks in such cases would also be more.

Have a balanced diet: Sticking to a fruit-rich diet is advised to ensure a robust immunity level. Some specific ones such as Indian gooseberry must be especially included in your daily meals. Also, seasonal veggies are important such as spinach, fenugreek leaves, and green onions. It will improve your immunity levels and make you glow too.

Avoid chemical treatments: Pregnant women should avoid getting their hair straightened or coloured during this time period as the salon products might contain chemicals that are not good for your baby. Beware of lead products which can be extremely poisonous and should be avoided while you're pregnant. Stunted fetal development and premature birth are two of the many possible effects of lead poisoning during pregnancy. Also avoid hair dyes that can frequently contain some unsavory chemicals. Just go natural during pregnancy. You can experiment with these techniques later on.

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Supplements are important too: You should be taking plenty of essential vitamins or supplements to keep your body in optimal health during pregnancy. As a result, these vitamins or supplements also benefit the rest of your body.

Protection from chilblain: Due to poor circulation in cold weather, your feet might experience swelling or pain. To avoid this, keep your feet well covered and warmly protected. You can dip your feet in warm water as it will soothe your pain and comfort you.

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Also, before going for any treatment during pregnancy, please ask your consulting doctor who will know your exact condition and prescribe you accordingly.

(The author is medical director, Zeeva Fertility Clinic, senior consultant gynecologist and IVF specialist, Jaypee and Cloudnine Hospital)