'Without Remorse' movie review: Lots of action, barely any storyline

Srikanth Krishna
·2-min read

02 May 2021: 'Without Remorse' movie review: Lots of action, barely any storyline

Tom Clancy's Without Remorse is what one might call a mindless action movie.

Sure, it has its moments and fun sequences, but it also has your typical "rogue spy seeks revenge" angle, a tried-and-tested formula that rarely works in this day and age.

Starring Michael B Jordan, Without Remorse, is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

But is it worth watching?

Here's our review.

Details: So, what is 'Without Remorse' all about?

Based on Clancy's novel of the same name, the movie revolves around John Kelly, a Navy SEAL, who seeks revenge for his pregnant wife's murder.

However, he finds out that he is part of a much bigger conspiracy.

The movie takes you on Kelly's vengeful path that starts from Syria and goes all the way to Russia.

Now, that's a distance!

Cliches: This is 2021, and yet it's the same old story

There are a lot of cinematic tropes that should have been left in the bygone era -- be it betrayal, rogue spies, or the death of a loved one. We've seen it all.

Without Remorse has explosions in the sky, vehicles on fire, and suspicious CIA agents.

We wonder if director Stefano Sollima spent way too much time on stunts rather than on the script.

Cast: Michael B Jordan fans, this is just for you

If you're a fan of Jordan, it could be a fun weekend watch.

You see a bulked-up, shirtless Jordan doing everything possible to steer the movie forward.

Jodie Turner-Smith, playing Lt. Commander Karen Greer, was brilliant and intense.

Her scenes with Jordan were fun to watch.

Jamie Bell, who plays CIA officer Robert Ritter, did his bit to add another dimension to the story.

Verdict: Don't have anything else to do this weekend? Then watch

Do you enjoy watching Steven Seagal movies? Then, Without Remorse is right up your alley.

With a predictable and forgetful storyline, Jordan is the only saving grace.

If you've read the novel, we suggest seeing this with bare minimum expectations, or even better, skip it.

Watch only if you don't have anything else to do this weekend.

Final Rating: 2 out of 5 stars