Woah! Kareena Kapoor Khan Is Officially On Instagram!???

Manjari Mukherjee

We can’t keep our excitement in check, because the biggest news has arrived that, Kareena Kapoor Khan is officially on Instagram!??

Kareena Kapoor Khan is a true blue star of Indian cinema for more than a decade now. The actress who is known for her candid and ‘don’t give a damn’ vibe has been able to compartmentalize her life’s aspects quite efficiently whether it be movies, family or the fashion-circuit. Though there has been one constant complaint from her fans about her absence in the world of social-media, mainly Instagram. Seems like that shall be finally resolved!

Well, it could be yet another rumor with no reality to the same, but who knows! After all, this newly-formed insta account has attracted too much attention already and all with just a post!

Although, there’s high possibility of it being the ultimate Bollywood Diva itself, as we all recently came to know that the official team account which keeps sharing her photos on IG, had been all-out swiped clean some time back! And, while we were all speculating what went wrong, this account cropped up a coming soon post!

Is that cat post making it official that Kareena Kapoor Khan is about to step into the whirlwind of social media and gives us all the insight into her life as a diva, a mother, a wife and a super star through her very own, official insta profile!? Formerly, Kareena had expressed her desire to be on Instagram officially by her own during one of her recent interviews for Good Newwz as well.


Well, we all shall know about it soon!

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