Woman baffled by 'alien' creature washed up on beach

A woman has made an unusual alien-like find washed up on a beach.

Fleur Bament was walking along Saunton Sands, in North Devon in England’s southwest, on Sunday when she made a bizarre discovery in the sand.

Ms Bament told Devon Live she had issues researching what the creature was online so turned to Facebook to solve the mystery.

"I couldn't even think how to describe it in Google,” she said.

“I knew the clever people on Facebook would have the answers."

Fleur Bament found this washed up on Saunton Sands beach in North Devon on Sunday. Source: Facebook/Fleur Bament

One woman described it as like something from the Ridley Scott movie Alien.

But it was almost unanimous the “alien” creature in question is actually buoy barnacles.

According to the UK’s Marine Life Information Network, buoy barnacles can be found in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

They can also be found off the west coast of England and Ireland due to south-westerly winds.

It’s also known as the buoy-goose-barnacle.

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