Woman filmed cycling on roundabout with a small dog on a lead

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This is the shocking video which shows a woman cycling round a busy roundabout - while walking a DOG on a lead.

An astonished motorist said they couldn't believe their eyes as they drove behind the cyclist who was riding casually around the city.

A passenger in the car then captured this footage of the woman in Plymouth, Devon, which even shows her indicating with her arm whilst holding the dog lead.

The shocking video was filmed in Plymouth (SWNS)
The shocking video was filmed in Plymouth (SWNS)

The motorist said that they tried to talk to the woman, spotted on Wednesday this week but she said she didn't see any problems with her actions.

The anonymous driver said: "It was about 2.30pm on one of Plymouth’s busiest roundabouts and when we asked her what on earth she thought she was doing, she couldn't see anything wrong.

The cyclist and the dog
The cyclist and the dog

"My friend in the passenger seat captured the video. He was the one who spoke to her, it was only a brief chat as I did not want to block traffic coming off the roundabout.

"We were just astonished that she didn’t see a problem in what she had just done.

"A taxi driver shouted at her on the roundabout but he went off towards town and we took the same exit as her.

The woman was approached by a motorist (SWNS)
The woman was approached by a motorist (SWNS)

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"She wanted to exercise her dog in the park I think but she should have used her legs to walk there and used the crossings."

The Highway Code does not say anything explicitly about cycling with a dog.

However, the rules state you must not "ride in a dangerous, careless or inconsiderate manner" and "not carry anything which will affect your balance or may get tangled up with your wheels or chain".

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