Woman Finds Son's Suicide Note Almost a Year after His Death; Wife, Paramour Booked for Abetment

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Nearly a year after a man's death in Gujarat, his mother has found a suicide note that he had reportedly written exactly a year before his ended his life on April 9, 2020. It was until recently that the cause of 42-year-old Mahesh's death was unknown. But in the first week of January, his mother, Leela Jadhav, found the suicide note while cleaning his cupboard.

Jadhav found the note in the folds of a sheet and it said that he ended his life because his wife had slept with her paramour in front of him to provoke him as he was impotent, The Times of India reported.

The police filed a case of abetment of suicide against Mahesh's widow and her paranour following the discovery of the letter.

The police said that Mahesh's first wife had left him and he later got married to Ambika Marathe, hailing from Kalyan in Maharashtra, two years ago. In the note, Mahesh had written that few months after his second marriage, he developed erectile dysfunction and his wife began calling him impotent. He further wrote that she started calling her paramour to her home every now and even had sex with him in front of Mahesh.

“I asked them to end their relationship as it was badly hurting me but they continued to insult me. As they have refused to stop, I will commit suicide,” Mahesh wrote in the letter.

In April 2020, Mahesh's dead body was fished out from Narmada canal near Latkar, a day after he went missing from his home. Initially a case of accidental death had been filed. However, as the suicide note unraveled the truth behind Mahesh's death, his wife and her paramour were taken into custody.